Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February 2012

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading my blog....
But do you miss me? Ok lame :p

I am taking this opportunity to at least update.

Sorry I've been away from the precious laptop these past few days.Suffering from feverish body & bad gastric pain ever since before Chinese New Year doesn't help either. With no appetite for a week & half makes me feel like I'm shrinking to skinny self. But I did managed to survived Chinese New Year's Eve dinner with the family though with medication of course. And because of this, I've got minor distraction & hard to focus. Much needed rest was all I did.

All is well now and slowly, I'm regaining my appetite back. And my,oh my it's February already. The month of love. :D Excuse me, I will be away again till I have time to get a proper blog post sorted out. Where do I begin from where I left? Lots of things to do.

In the mean time, have a sweet tangy Mandarin Oranges & enjoy your last day of Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. It's a Chinese Valentine's Day today, So here's wishing everyone a Happy Chap Goh Mei ! ♥

xx hugs & kisses xx

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