Wednesday, 22 February 2012

6th January : HipHop night at Eyes & Ears

After a Jazzy night down at Bella Italia , sudden thought of what's happening at the studio on my mind. Once in awhile, I love bugging 'the dude' & came with a surprise visit. It is no secret that this place is sort of my playground to chill & hang out. My favourite studio still. You see there's this red sofa that I am very well known of my I-almost-fell-asleep every time I'm there. Right dude? Does this sofa has magic or something? Ahem. :p

Not only I was always there with a sudden appearance, that night I came to collect my long awaited The Retrock's cd. And little did I know that I was in for what you call a hip hop treat. Oh, yeah! Another different genre of music highlighted for the night, I'm blessed with music.

Of photographing awesome knicks & my wedges, instruments & technical stuffs. The spontaneous lyrics, brainstorming and rapping scene. Enjoying the moment.The day I met Harlod Peter & Rey Nizam.

What a day of hip hop yo! :D

If you need to get some mixing done, you can bug 'the dude' of Eyes & Ears Production. But of couse, it's only applicable to those in Kota Kinabalu. :)

EDIT : 'The dude' just said that it's applicable WORLDWIDE. So yeah, you know what to do :p


Chris Pereira said...

with the internet... mixing is applicable: world wide!!!! seriously. thanks for coming by!!!!!!! bila next trip?

Eudora said...

@ChrisPereira : Next trip will definitely be a Surprise AGAIN! Haha :p I'll let you know lah :D