Tuesday, 6 March 2012

26th Feb: JonathanTse 's Album Launch Party at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe

I smile.
Over the text I have received before heading out to the venue. I didn't want to lie, but I did.I wanted the so called surprise to work. This will be my first time watching you perform. I could feel the excitement the day I've decided I would not want to miss anything again.

After dinner, I walked my way down to the table, which I've made reservation earlier on, from the day before. The place were already packed when we got there. My boys & I, were seated just behind Orkes Akiuku. And ordered some iced lemon tea. I saw Boly came up towards to say hello as we were there.

We didn't have to wait much longer. The show was about to start. I got to chat & mingle with Clair & the rest of the boys from Jon Paradise band for a bit. Haven't seen them for awhile now & I can't believe that I was there partly for their performance. And my first for Orkes Akiuku as well.

When I head back to my table, Angelina Perete surprised me from behind came to say hello with the sweet Estee at her side. Gave her a little hug.

Jon Tse came up to the stage & gave his speech.

Minutes later, a brief introduction on his first opening act for the night. Enjoying every song that Orkes Akiuku were performing that I realize later on, I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures of them. And my other battery were dead by now. My feet felt like dancing where I was. Clapping hands as the song goes. I love '1Love', their own original song. Looking forward that song to be released officially soon.

Up next on the stage was none other than my favourite, I call it love. Jon Paradise, the band. They were the last opening act .With more rocking tunes, I have to admit this. This was way beyond what I've expected. Too good! I stole and grab the empty seat in front. Sang to every words to their lyrics of songs, 'Ego' & 'Book of Sacred'. I was really feeling on top. That was how great it was. And I remember that night, everyone was singing together of Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'. Nice male version cover, I have to say.

The highlight of the night, it was finally Jon's turn to perform. With Reo as his bassist and Patrick on drums. The moment he opened his mouth & sang, it was like magic. You can tell everyone was having a good time that day. Sang & clap.I love it when the crowd could go very responsive. If you're able to get everyone going, you know you've captured every man's heart. He is one guy blessed with talent. Yes, indeed.

And before the night came to an end, we were all entertained by an unexpected duet of Jon Tse & the adorable, Joanna Q. The girl who I have known as the young sister of my childhood friend. Sweet voice she had there, as always. I've seen her perform before. Who later that day came by drop me a little hello.

And I didn't want to miss a chance to become a proud owner of Jon's 'An Evening With Jon Tse Live At Refuge Studios' that night exclusive with a poster. Autographed. Yes, Autographed. Oh yes, indeed it was Autographed. Okay, maybe I should stop doing that in a repetitive mode.

I almost thought I wasn't able to capture everything that night as my camera battery were slowly dying. But I did! Say yeah, to the survivor! :p It was a Super duper awesome-possum launch to conclude.

Now go to Jonathan Tse Official Website for a visit & contact him via that site to order your copy of cd , aights? Thank you very much.

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