Monday, 7 May 2012

6th May 2012 : The Reunion

Passes by as if it was only yesterday. Learning new soft wares and painting on canvas, developing the black & white films at the darkroom, the old school way. And the field trip at Sabah Tea Garden. And oh. so much more. Oh my goodness! It seems like ages ago.Where did we left those time?

One of my college best friend is getting married. And that's the reason why it got us reunited. Over dinner with lemon teas, smoothies and beers, club sandwiches & fries, cheesy macaroni and prawn salad at Flickers Bistro. Endless chats on current doings and recapping memories. Not to mention future plans. Ley, Jo, Zri , Anne and myself. We miss Beb's presence though.

With good quality times together,  company and food, it's too bad we always forgot to capture the moments in pictures. But I'll keep it my head and instead. Best times. Especially that warm hug from best friend to end the night. 

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