Sunday, 3 June 2012

3rd June 2012

Spend the Sunday afternoon attending my uncle's wedding reception.
 It was also a day of....

Impromptu visit & porridge (well, this time someone got me to try ze' beef!) it was GOOD by the way like 'Ahmagad!' and gossip session. Well not exactly gossip, but it was more like a music talk, lepak time yeah...Heehee ;) We waited for like half an hour just for dinner but it was all worth it. And after those hot sweats while finishing my meal, I got rewarded to see Sabahan band, the Frontman Company up at the studio. A friend of mine, JayJay was also there. While the guys were jamming, I got to peek on how mixing works. Damn cool for someone like me who know's nothing. Hey :p

Straight from the night, Audio Technica, caps & Nike shoes influence playing in my mind. Oh, so tempting! And you know what? DangBandangs' song 'We don't care no more' is currently stuck in my head & I can't stop singing. Someone is going to dream about the band. I bet.

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