Saturday, 2 June 2012

My 1st Audio-Technica Workshop Experience

Venue : SIA - Detecke Hall


At first I hesitate. But for some reason, I was eager to learn a thing or two. The non musically talented in playing any music instrument does not stopped me. (Coming that from me, bet you long-time reader of mine have read that a thousand times.) Knowledge is power, it is everlasting. I took the chance and give it a go. And so, people say, why put it to waste, it's free anyways.

I never thought I would find the importance of audio and sounds that much till that day. Screw that ignorant side of me. I am not quite into that technical things, I admit. But it interest me that even if you do your own home recording, you can't compare the great quality of a studio recording. With good pair of ears to hear, you could actually the difference in between. It maybe suitable for your very first demo & while you're trying to listen how you sound like but I still think it's a no-no for me. Let the experts do their magic for us, shall we?
Few hours were well spent with bits of details and specifications about what kind of suitable microphones and tools to get Audio Technica has to offer. I was eyeing on a particular one already as the session was going on. If only budget permits.That very first session talk was given by our very own awesome Malaysian talent, JD from the band PopShuvit. He is also a Studio Manager of 21:05 Productions. I was stoked to meet him for the very first time. I was left speechless. *blushes* Michael from The Drum Planet gave us some sharing more towards drumming. That strong pair of hands and legs hitting that drum kit, entertained us with 'Sayang Kinabalu' song. I heard his drums on CD's before but never on 'live'. So it was awesome! The last session was talking about 'home recording'. Done by my friend, Chris Pereira, it was one short & quick sharing! He got it all covered we need to know none the less.

Great day for a new learning experience.

Thank you Chris for asking me to join this!
I had fun and ahem, 'that introduction'.
Now I am more aware how music works. ;)

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