Monday, 16 July 2012

16th July 2012

Hello Eyes & Ears I was there again.
It looks neat than before. Miss red sofa, I'm back.
I just knew Practical Boi is no longer at E&E.

Over dinner with my bro, ze' boss and Mr. M of Frontman Company at Rabiah Curry House, we were surprised by Ms.J, my idol writer. Music conversations is love. To learn about other people thoughts and opinion about things openly makes me learn more and grow.  If it is something that never gets me tired, congratulations! I am grateful for those who always believe in me  and giving me their endless support. When I'm feeling that I'm not good enough, in my passions, I have few bunch of people I need not mentioned. I am suddenly interested in the subject of music business. :D

Frontman Company were rehearsing at the studio. 
The band, Love Me Butch songs were played on the Macbook.
And I got to enjoy the sound of music mixing getting done. :p

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