Wednesday, 18 July 2012

18th July 2012

 A clear weather turns cold & wet. 
The music played on the stereo, countless time I still feel the familiarity.
How slow or loud it may be. It was a recollection, favourite of mine.

The world is getting smaller, somehow, no matter where we run,
We are actually connected beyond our expectation.  I knew you before and now even more.

Conversations were never ending. It kept on going. It almost felt as if I was not a stranger at all.Wait, I am no longer one.  It's a beginning of a friendship. Suddenly, my shyness overcome me.

Cheese over loaded spread on our table. 
Tiramisu as dessert were made sinfully divine.
Italian dinner date with you guys was so fine.

There is a reason for all this, I believe. God is good, He the Almighty is great.
Realization and reunion . Remembering our roots. More than music. Hoping this will bring us closer.  :)

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