Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Simplicity in meal

More or less like it came out from my own kitchen,
I'll choose this fried rice from a stall at Kg. Bahang any day.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

At the studio, getting inspired...

One of the days I feel like going to the studio for music inspiration and some bugging ze' boss time before he is off to Penang tomorrow for an art exhibition. Before that dinner, then straight to the studio while listening to some guys jamming.

My Char Kueh Tiaw at Damai for dinner.
Some band with this Hakka guy as a vocalist.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Burger bakar with my boys!

Location : Tanjung Aru Plaza stall

Finally tried the famous burger bakar for dinner today.
I love the taste of the home made beef patty which was grilled to perfection.

Burger Bakar 'Angry Bird' and Watermelon Juice

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Labuan Day 3 & Back home!

Such a bliss to be waking up slowly than usual. 
Woke up, showered and packed my bags.
Breakfast was also served like really, really slow.
Patience tested yet again and again. But all is good.

Fried noodles for breakfast. My last meal in Labuan.
Heavy-hearted . Sigh. I left the terminal without chocolates and alcohol this time.
Weird. I just didn't want to forked out much money like the last for some things I don't quite fancy nowadays. Minimal, moderation for this sweet tooth of mine. Next trip, I'll stocked up. 
Perhaps. I'll be there again.

Down at the ferry terminal.
After long hours, we were finally back in town. 
Lucy's Kitchen for late lunch cum dinner it is. 
Someone was crying outside, I see. It was pouring hard.
Chilling inside with a warm rose tea after my cold drink.

Iced Cola and Seafood Vegetable Rice.    

Just a bite of this waffle with strawberry and vanilla ice cream on top.

Skipped dinner but I was glad I get to sleep on my own bed.
Comfort zone always win my heart.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Labuan Day 2 - 20th October 2012

Early morning today. Dragging myself out of bed. 
Sister was going for her Labuan Run. While waiting for her to finish her run, cousin and I were entertained by the sound of music played by local Labuan musicians. I'm glad all the songs they've chosen were soothing to my ears. At least it woke me up from my sleepy self. 

Waiting game at Dataran Labuan.
Seated down below the shady trees.

Patience were tested. Heat was crazy. Can't even imagine if I were to run under the scorching hot weather. And to think there was no water stations around, I'll probably end up cranky. Heehee. So we finally decided to head out for breakfast. And thereafter a quick visit to the beautiful cemetery yet again before proceeding home to rest and some needed nap. It was somehow a glorious one.
Kon Lau Mein with char siew and dried dumplings for breakfast

A visit to the cemetery. Again.

Later on that day, figured I try some hiking experience to spend my late afternoon. But this body of  mine is just too weak to handle it. I have not been religiously exercising these days. Screw me. Scratches. I almost died. Literally. Not even half the course. I should have learn. I need my stamina back now.
On top of the world. I mean, top view from my hike.

Leg cramps aside, it was a good feeling to be sweating like mad again.I swear I want to come back with more energy next time. It was already pouring a lil' mad when we headed down the beach for tea time. Catching up with stories between the siblings and cousins beneath our table's umbrella was precious. With our 'lekor' and 'pisang goreng' turning cold, it was still good having 'em. I sometimes wished we could be nearer and do this more often.
Coconut drink for tea time at Pohon Batu Beach.
Came home just to rest and shower for awhile, we were out and about again to have dinner. 
I can't recall when was the last time I've stepped foot there but I had fond memories how delicious those seafood meals in Mawilla was. It must have been like ages ago I reckoned. I enjoy every meal so believe me when I say I haven't got a single shot of food taken. The food was that good.  

The menu for Mawilla Restaurant, my favourite seafood restaurant in town.

Super sweet final dinner that night!
I'm coming back soon. *smiles*

Friday, 19 October 2012

Labuan Day 1- 19th October 2012

Road trip, last minute and unplanned. Somehow has been going on quite a lot this year.
This morning,  we had an enjoyable breakfast of Beaufort noodle before catching up the Menumbok Ferry to Labuan. We were quite worried after 'our extra adventure' happened that we might not make it on time. But hell yeah, we did! *phew*

My Beaufort Noodle! *slurps*
We finally reached Menumbok Terminal. It's a good day to just sit back and relax. Flip flops for an island trip. 2 hours journey. I honestly would not survived if it wasn't for a good read on my book and some songs on my phone. You shall keep  me well entertained and I shall sit still and never moved my butt an inch. That's how bad it is.

Sunny day view through the window

Arrived Labuan feeling starving. It was already afternoon  and immediately were brought to lunch. 
While everyone was at work, I got to just chill and hang out with furry Bobby while being a couch potato It was nice to see this dog again!

Later at night, we thought of trying Labuan's Filipino food place. Uncle and cousins brought us to Cary's Kamayan for dinner. It's just nearby their house.
Cary's Kamayan Menu

I forgot what's it called in Tagalog. My rice , egg and pork meal.

Happy tummy and thereafter a joyride around town
before calling it an early night.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

13th October 2012

Before going to work on a Saturday, on rare occasion. Breakfast with the family without my not so little brother at Taman Khidmat's Mee Sup Pipin.

Late afternoon, lunching with the ladies at Bella Italia Ristorante.
It was a good deal for a 3 course meal.

We served light vegetable salad and cream potato soup as a starter.
And a nice jar of iced lemon tea, our thirst quencher.

 For main course, we had chicken with mashed potato and mix vegetables & my favourite roasted lamb with roasted potato and mix vegetables as well. It was delicious but the only thing I need to complain is that the vegetables are not fresh and could have been tastier.

In between meals, chats and what's , I got a little bored waiting for dessert to come and ended up with this, playing with that red crayon on the table.

Sweet & Sour mango sauce on top of soft pancake filled with diced mangoes.
I smell nothing much but satisfaction in my tummy. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10th October 2012

In the studio for a meeting & catch up.  
Saw Delbert doing his guitar session for Genie the singer's new song.

And later for a roti telur mamak , late night snack!
There goes my diet :p

Sunday, 7 October 2012

7th October 2012

'Taken 2' at Golden Screen Cinema, 1Borneo Hypermall
and weekend coffee fix at Starbuck. Still need to get the barista's here make my favourite flavour right. I am such a fussy Starbuck's customer I gotta admit that. Oh well! And I am happy to finally purchase the de-stress cd by Jojo Struys too!  Worth getting the new mini Starbuck's card :)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

TMBT Ultra-Trail Marathon 2012, my story!

2011, swing by so fast and now, it's already 2012 TMBT!
My oh my, where do I even begin?

Weeks ago, or was it months ago, one of the head of official's asked me whether I wanted to join again. Without even a pause or thinking, immediately I said, "Yes"

I mean like why would I say No to the Most Beautiful Thing, right? :D 

Before the day came, I was more than excited on what to bring. Hunting for outdoor gears. To be honest, I've got an itch to buy stuffs which was only meant for runners. When the reality was, I was there to help out and volunteer and not run. This. is. crazy. I actually came more prepared than the previous event. 

 I was already loving the scenery from the recce 
But man, I don't know what these guys signed up for! Tough challenging route indeed!
You guys gotta thank Dr. Claus for it! Heheh :P  

The night before, I could not sleep and woke super early. I was an excited official to start off my duty on the registration table at Megah D'Aru Hotel in Tanjung Aru. That Friday morning, me and our team of volunteer's setting up to sort out the competitor's racer pack. A runner I met last year, Kairi, was the first one to greet me at the table.He was in for 100k.

Compared to last year's , things started a day earlier. This is somehow a completely different experience altogether. 

That afternoon, after the first registration for 25k, 50k and 100k were done, we went off for our journey on a tour bus with the rest of the competitors to Kundasang. As soon as we've reached Kinabalu Park, we walked down to our hostel rooms, each for the boys and for us girls, where we were staying for the night. It's been awhile. I've missed this park. We took a somehow perfect evening walk as it was windy. It was a breeze. The airy moment down below majestic Mount Kinabalu.

We came to the Multipurpose hall at the Kinabalu Park that evening for our final registration. The walk made us sweat but  later on, it started to get really, really cold.  I was in charge for the 50k runners and I think I was made for the job cause I love the ability to interact and in getting to know with the people from other countries & different walks of life.  Some were regulars and used to this. And were even first timers.  As a volunteer, I try my very best to assist whatever I could, whenever possible. Their not-so-fluent in English language is certainly not a barrier. :)

That evening, it was also my first time to have met a friendly guy named Bryan and his mum.  There was an instant connection with both of them. Poor Bryan's mum had really bad sore throat that time.

Busy night with registrations and talks for us and the runners at the hall. It was tiring. But laughter and jokes makes it a great fun night. Despite that scary, strong winds and heavy downpour which was believed to be a hurricane that came from our neighbouring country. Short back ride to the hostel with Bryan's ride. It was wet, wet, wet. Midnight calling our name for a warm hostel bed sleep. Lights were blinking as the wind blew so hard. Leggings and thick socks save my frozen feet.

Second day.....The race day finally here. This year, for the first time, I get to witnessed my elder sister, uncle and aunties participate in those 3 different categories.  It's a nice feeling to be able to support them at the starting point, encouraging them and together with each and every competitors there. 

I remember very well last year that I was at the check point cum finishing line for the 25k and 50k. Giving out mineral water bottles and helping out with the medals for the winners and those who finished the race. It was fun being outside the woods.

While this year, I had less of an outdoor adventure. I was in for another totally different responsibility. Being in the headquarter requires a lot of concentration. To make sure the whereabouts of the, at my side was the 50k runners. Was not an easy task but with all ears, I learn to be more focused in receiving details. I was stationed at SK Pekan Kundasang meeting room. Which was also the finishing line for 50k and 100k runners.  This is the place where everyone is almost up and about taking turns to sleep while some were waiting competitors during late hours. Those freezing time it almost felt icy cold.

In between breaks, I get to breathe the fresh air outside or have drinks and meal at the canteen. Get to know few RO's (Radio Operators) we were working with, medics, photographers and time keepers Pauline, Brittany, Jourdi and everyone on duty that I didn't get their name. I'm sorry. And it was nice to actually squeeze some quick chat with some runners after their race & share their experience. Some even asked me why I love being a volunteer for the second year now.

Some fond and funny memories, too much to mentioned here but in my heart, I shall treasure.

Why I like getting involved in this event?
Simple!  I have my own reasons for coming back again. 
 The reunion of those whom I've made friends last year, meeting familiar & new faces.  Once in awhile, getting out of the usual work routine cause it tends to get really boring. The access of learning something not everyone could have. Those experience are too precious. Nature calling out my name and here I am, smiling saying hello & in a blink of 3 days eyes, I bid goodbye to The Most Beautiful Thing Ultra-Trail Marathon. Time to board on the bus back home and reality checked. Hoping I'll be in for another adventure treat next year! As a runner perhaps? 



Thank you !

You can read from my last year adventure here.

Friday, 5 October 2012

5th October 2012

Holding on my tears,  I could no longer. 
I could not remember exactly when was the last time I cried. 

Rest in peace, my dearest uncle.