Friday, 19 October 2012

Labuan Day 1- 19th October 2012

Road trip, last minute and unplanned. Somehow has been going on quite a lot this year.
This morning,  we had an enjoyable breakfast of Beaufort noodle before catching up the Menumbok Ferry to Labuan. We were quite worried after 'our extra adventure' happened that we might not make it on time. But hell yeah, we did! *phew*

My Beaufort Noodle! *slurps*
We finally reached Menumbok Terminal. It's a good day to just sit back and relax. Flip flops for an island trip. 2 hours journey. I honestly would not survived if it wasn't for a good read on my book and some songs on my phone. You shall keep  me well entertained and I shall sit still and never moved my butt an inch. That's how bad it is.

Sunny day view through the window

Arrived Labuan feeling starving. It was already afternoon  and immediately were brought to lunch. 
While everyone was at work, I got to just chill and hang out with furry Bobby while being a couch potato It was nice to see this dog again!

Later at night, we thought of trying Labuan's Filipino food place. Uncle and cousins brought us to Cary's Kamayan for dinner. It's just nearby their house.
Cary's Kamayan Menu

I forgot what's it called in Tagalog. My rice , egg and pork meal.

Happy tummy and thereafter a joyride around town
before calling it an early night.

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