Saturday, 20 October 2012

Labuan Day 2 - 20th October 2012

Early morning today. Dragging myself out of bed. 
Sister was going for her Labuan Run. While waiting for her to finish her run, cousin and I were entertained by the sound of music played by local Labuan musicians. I'm glad all the songs they've chosen were soothing to my ears. At least it woke me up from my sleepy self. 

Waiting game at Dataran Labuan.
Seated down below the shady trees.

Patience were tested. Heat was crazy. Can't even imagine if I were to run under the scorching hot weather. And to think there was no water stations around, I'll probably end up cranky. Heehee. So we finally decided to head out for breakfast. And thereafter a quick visit to the beautiful cemetery yet again before proceeding home to rest and some needed nap. It was somehow a glorious one.
Kon Lau Mein with char siew and dried dumplings for breakfast

A visit to the cemetery. Again.

Later on that day, figured I try some hiking experience to spend my late afternoon. But this body of  mine is just too weak to handle it. I have not been religiously exercising these days. Screw me. Scratches. I almost died. Literally. Not even half the course. I should have learn. I need my stamina back now.
On top of the world. I mean, top view from my hike.

Leg cramps aside, it was a good feeling to be sweating like mad again.I swear I want to come back with more energy next time. It was already pouring a lil' mad when we headed down the beach for tea time. Catching up with stories between the siblings and cousins beneath our table's umbrella was precious. With our 'lekor' and 'pisang goreng' turning cold, it was still good having 'em. I sometimes wished we could be nearer and do this more often.
Coconut drink for tea time at Pohon Batu Beach.
Came home just to rest and shower for awhile, we were out and about again to have dinner. 
I can't recall when was the last time I've stepped foot there but I had fond memories how delicious those seafood meals in Mawilla was. It must have been like ages ago I reckoned. I enjoy every meal so believe me when I say I haven't got a single shot of food taken. The food was that good.  

The menu for Mawilla Restaurant, my favourite seafood restaurant in town.

Super sweet final dinner that night!
I'm coming back soon. *smiles*

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