Sunday, 21 October 2012

Labuan Day 3 & Back home!

Such a bliss to be waking up slowly than usual. 
Woke up, showered and packed my bags.
Breakfast was also served like really, really slow.
Patience tested yet again and again. But all is good.

Fried noodles for breakfast. My last meal in Labuan.
Heavy-hearted . Sigh. I left the terminal without chocolates and alcohol this time.
Weird. I just didn't want to forked out much money like the last for some things I don't quite fancy nowadays. Minimal, moderation for this sweet tooth of mine. Next trip, I'll stocked up. 
Perhaps. I'll be there again.

Down at the ferry terminal.
After long hours, we were finally back in town. 
Lucy's Kitchen for late lunch cum dinner it is. 
Someone was crying outside, I see. It was pouring hard.
Chilling inside with a warm rose tea after my cold drink.

Iced Cola and Seafood Vegetable Rice.    

Just a bite of this waffle with strawberry and vanilla ice cream on top.

Skipped dinner but I was glad I get to sleep on my own bed.
Comfort zone always win my heart.

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