Friday, 30 November 2012

Cracking down at dusk....

Cracking down at dusk, 
Right there sounds like it's going to break,
Just when you feel like falling at the edge, 
You pull yourself up and not die.

Move forward, no matter how much the long winding road take us to.
We're almost there. Good or bad. No one says it is going to be smooth and easy.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Weekend Getaway (Pt 2) 241112

Early morning, breezy weather. I love waking up to this misty clouds. I had a hard time dragging myself for a quick breakfast. I hate to leave you this kinda-for-me-still-early , dear Kundasang.
Oh this fresh feeling I wish you were always near.

From the Ranau road to Tambunan, off for a pit-stop to have breakfast at my favourite place. 
You would see this familiar Mat Salleh warrior statue every time you are in Tambunan small town. What to eat here? I always go for 'Mihun Soup' with mix ingredients that goes well with traditional local delicacy, 'tuhau'. That if I'm not having my Chinese mix rice.

After Tambunan, we headed to long smooth road of the now more developed town of Keningau. I didn't took any picture but we hang out to check their only mall for a bit. Not bad at all. I think I could live here. Heehee.  

And later on, we proceeded to the Crocker Range route . Another misty clouds on the way down Kimanis road. It was so green there, I love the view!

Durian galore by most of the road side,
It drizzled and then it rained heavily on the way home.

Awesome trip, I want to get away again! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Weekend Getaway (Pt 1) 241112

My Saturday at work was cut short with a much needed road trip in the afternoon. With having brunch at Tamparuli, and hours later I found myself  admiring this view from up hill in Kundasang.

I wouldn't really recommend this place called Wind Paradise.
Not worth it. But it's somehow a good experience to sleep under the roof of a Mongolian hut like.

Late afternoon at Desa Cattle Farm, weather's looking mighty fine. 
Milks and grass, Cows and Goats feeding time. 

Crowded farm didn't make it the least favourite visit. I was more distracted by those cloudy skies and rainbow from afar. Double rainbow to be exact. Feeling so ever colourful that day. There's nothing like having popcorn and fresh milk for the carton on a slightly cold weekend.

It's an awesome feeling to be back here again. Went and check out some quite new places to stay.
Capture some spectacular scenery hopefully we could treasure for a long time. We already have the next resort we planning to stay in our next visit. It was fun going around just chilling.

 So much jokes & laughter, dinner time
And Puncak Borneo Resort's Special Fried Rice for the hungry & freezing me :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

27th November 2012

Her love for musicians, singer-songwriter she wished she could be. If only she knows how to.  A hard rock fan has turned into a melting pot over slow jam acoustic songs  It would be fun to have your favourite singer-songwriter jam with you while you are singing along to happy tunes, no?

I have a soft spot for Reza Salleh's songs once, oh still do. Guba's songs came after. And it would not hurt to have another one on the list. After I discovered him on his band One Buck Short, drummer Imran or better known as Narmi as singer-songwriter

For now, Narmi's EP as Christmas gift pretty plaese? :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

26th November 2012

Where I stand, it's no painted lies  but beauty of truth,
Soft pinkish purple blue skies,
You are a stunner of mighty tall and proud.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

25th November 2012

Back home sweet home to the comfort of red Strawberry pillow of mine.
Road trips like this never failed to amused me. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

24th November 2012

Scones and cups of tea, on the white table cloths, balloons up on the hills of Tagaytay , over looking the majestic view of Lake Taal. Rainbows, those of great colours.  Clear skies. Fluffy clouds imagining vanilla ice cream. Bed of roses. Garden of variety of the same kind wouldn't hurt. Pastel or vibrant, it does not matter. 

Hold on to those future dreams while she still could. 
Just a little bit of her longer a secret location of that 'happy moments'.  

Friday, 23 November 2012

23rd November 2012

It almost felt like I was at Sunway Lagoon for the night.
The Shout Awards updates flood my Twitter timeline and Instagram filled with pictures.. I was looking for this award because most of my favourite people were up for nomination. Although not physically not there but I was in my heart. It was happening if I was there to party, but this will do. 

Front row seat and no ticket's required.
 I was having a Shout Awards party on my own. :) 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

22nd November 2012

Sums up my day :

Mr. Postman came with a surprise today.
I thought they say it's in a week's time?
Oh well, Thank you Alibi Music!  :)

Nasi Lemak at TeaTime Cafe, it's been awhile. ;)

#RiseOfAsia - Project E.A.R Malaysia's PopShuvit, Philippines's Slapshock 
and Thailand's Thaitanium Dandee on tv yeah!

My midnight ended with a 'livestream' between #NarmiAdventures
Imran, Ryan and Jeremy doing acoustic session.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Faraway in an island....

Faraway in an island , maybe where you and I could hide,
Clad in a white 'barong'  you were in while I in white dress. 
I thought you were going to sing but I saw us both were serenade.

Fantasy and fairytale, unicorns and magic dust,
pumpkin turning into a lovely carriage, why must it be a dream?
Just when I could catch those voice of yours, full of soul, song of love.
Awaken by reality again. 


Monday, 19 November 2012

19th November 2012

The call this afternoon, vanishes my Monday blues away. I always find myself extra cheerful when it comes to some KL loving. I wonder why I don't quite find it here? I've been anticipating but didn't expect that much. It's not a big deal, at least, but it's makes my day. I had to tell you, the soulful stranger.

Totally unrelated....

While I don't intend to get the rain much worst with my singing, it was good for a night nterrupt. What was actually a mistake turns out a nice little, hello Viber call from my singer dental doctor friend.  Another call from KL for the day.:)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

18th November 2012

Yawning for an early morning,
Sun's up, I'm glad it's not raining.

Short dress of pinkish flowers on a dark blue.
And white ribbon hair band on my head.

Dresses on Sundays seems more like it these days. :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

17th November 2012

Donning in white collared shirt & dark white striped jacket, 
Dashing tall man looked oh so handsome,
Reality was she is still a stranger here,
While he walked down on the long red carpet.

Friday, 16 November 2012

16th November 2012

Staying all night just to colour this piece,
Itchy yet still rusty hands of mine,
It might take awhile,
 Help me for this has not yet done.

Will add some re-touching when I have the time.

This one's for Drew's Ambition
Especially for their first ever radio interview on HitzdotfmKK Borneo English Top 10.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

For JD of PopShuvit

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13th November 2012

Complete darkness outside my window on a midnight. I thought I heard something fall down at my backyard but I want to assumed that was just music on my laptop. Haha. Don't wanna get nightmare with a creepy sight. So staying focused is the way to go. :p

Like in this case,
 Rusty hands trying her best on the sketch pad.

Whilst these fingers are getting dirty and messy, multi-tasker me on the phone caught by the conversation of how far music, technology and media has come. And it gets hilarious with the talks of who were our celebrity crush was. I had a hard time not to laugh about this topic.

Closer to death. Running out the breath of life. This cellphone battery of mine.
Perfect timing to doze off. About 3a.m, the tears are pouring. The rain I meant.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

11th November 2012

Understood me, you did. Speaks gently through words. Were you even talking to me? Was it just me? Sentimental sounds of your voices goes through my heart. It was speeding. I felt like there was a car crashed to it. When I first heard you, those lyrics got me speechless. It's not even familiar. Singing to those foreign language seems easier. Have I mentioned enough by saying that you understand me way better? Damn baby, to my ears, these songs are sexier!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nasi Katok A'te With My Boys

For weeks now, I'm curious of this Nasi Katok stall owned by a friend at Asia City. And we finally had a taste of it tonight for dinner. Not for the non-spicy eater if you asked me. Unless you can handle and whacked the whole saucer of sambal like me. Oh yes, I like it that much. And pisang cheese choc was suhweeettt! :)

Nasi Katok
Pisang Cheese Chocolate

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Breakfast at Bella Italia

Sunday for me always meant to be spend with the family. So matter how busy we are, always make a point that weekend are meant for them and nothing else. This morning, after church we headed down to Gaya Street where Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante, Hotel Jesselton were located.

Tea for breakfast
Beef Noodle for me
Strawberry Pancakes
After breakfast, we went for a short walk to see what's happening at Gaya Street.
Along the street of Gaya....
Met 'Seven-Up', the most stylish dog in town.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

#HitzKKBirthdayInvasion was fun with you :)

Rockzone passes for yours truly and my bestie by my babe, Cheryl Q for the night.
And my media pass got me in front for some pictures! Yay! :)
(Will do another different post on that :) )

The crowd was awesome that night!
Ordered my usual while chilling with my best friend.