Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13th November 2012

Complete darkness outside my window on a midnight. I thought I heard something fall down at my backyard but I want to assumed that was just music on my laptop. Haha. Don't wanna get nightmare with a creepy sight. So staying focused is the way to go. :p

Like in this case,
 Rusty hands trying her best on the sketch pad.

Whilst these fingers are getting dirty and messy, multi-tasker me on the phone caught by the conversation of how far music, technology and media has come. And it gets hilarious with the talks of who were our celebrity crush was. I had a hard time not to laugh about this topic.

Closer to death. Running out the breath of life. This cellphone battery of mine.
Perfect timing to doze off. About 3a.m, the tears are pouring. The rain I meant.

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