Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunny Sunday With Loved Ones

'Busy Bee' by Narmi keep playing in my head. This is so me. I could relate to that song. The connection through a song. Bang! It's just hit me. Up early for church and breakfast with the family. The busy bee in me always appreciate weekend like these.....

Various dim sum choices and all
Borneo Wild Treasure Restaurant at 88 Marketplace.

What is supposed to be just drinks to quench this thirst of ours, ended up to be our late lunch. Party Play Lintas, I have missed you. The atmosphere somehow more relaxing and chill during this particular hour. Jazzy slow music, got my feet tapping on the floor without a dancing shoe. I was never a dancer, only a hopeful dreamer. Recollecting the last night I was there, I was performing in front of the crowds. Nervous wreck I am. But I've made it with spontaneity.

 Enjoying every bits and bites.
What's not to love ya?

Oreo Milk Shake, Pink Lemonade and Lychee drink

Teriyaki Chicken Hawaiian Pizza

Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Ice-Cream

It's no wonder I rather stay out from the little limelight these days.

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