Saturday, 20 December 2014

Paperplane Pursuit - Feel Good

 When I was still actively writing for a local magazine, I have never thought that I would be over the moon to get them on my article, and to have them said yes to do the interview was a dream come true. Getting to keep in touch with one them was even better. Looking at their hard work, I've decided to help them a little. I probably annoy them hell a lot with my Tweets and Instagram postings but who cares, I am only sharing the music that I love the most and hopefully they will forgive me for that.

Ever so inspiring and talented guys, bits by bits their songs somehow lifted my spirits up high. I have never felt that excited every time this song pops up on the radio or my colleagues suddenly played your song a couple times on the stereo. When I feel like it's a bad day and down, this song automatically serves me, my cup of tea, the calming effect. Thank you for the song, you make me sing and dance like no one's watching, cause I'm just a bad one to be honest.
I have probably said this a couple times but yes, this got to be the best local song of the year for me. You don't even need to win an award but know for sure you have won in the hearts of many people.

Love you to bits guys (I just can't get enough!) x


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