Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Una Noche in Boracay Part 1

This is a throwback story of mine, when my homies and I boarded a plane to the Philippines on the 25th of February 2014. 

A year has passed, where I made a sort of last minute decision for the trip to Boracay, Philippines. I was kind of lucky as I got a cheaper flight ticket so I've decided to just go with the flow. We were on board AirAsia airplane from home, Kota Kinabalu, to Manila's Terminal 4 airport. After we have landed, we actually have few hours to kill before our next flight to Kalibo. It was a pleasant flight although the domestic terminal airport was not really a pretty sight. We went to SM Mall of Asia right after by taxi to have some lunch and some prepaid card for a new cellphone/handphone number.

Another flight and it was already dark when we've reached the small town of Kalibo. And ride came to send us to our hotel which was just minutes away.

Pretty sweet for just few hours eh?

The next day, we were already up like super duper early in order not to miss the bus to Caticlan. But due to some miscommunication or whatsoever, the bus left us. Wasted our time and we barely had enough sleep. We got the chance to chat a bit with the locals while waiting for another arrangement to be made. Oh the drama! Our travel agent got us a private car driver to drive us up to Caticlan instead of waiting for another bus instead. Roller coaster road ride all the way but it was so worth it, the view was so awesome. I bet if you booked a direct flight, plus it super expensive compared to ours, you won't get to witnessed this. It's a long way but yes, it's an adventure I rather go for.

Reached Caticlan Jetty for a few minutes boat ride and we have arrived in the island called Boracay.

This is where we've spent a night. Yes, for just one night. The Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay. It has a big room, with 3 Queen sized bed, a toilet/bathroom and there's a loft. There's no swimming pool here, no beach front view and we need to walk in by feet from the main road since it's only a small walk way. But access to the sandy White Beach is pretty near in front too. And they served breakfast as well so no worries.

As soon as we've checked in, we walked down to the streets heading to Boracay' s sandy White Beach, which was just a few walks away. The beach was undeniably beautiful. It was a perfect time and the weather was too. I do admit at times, it gets pretty crowded and those salespeople trying to get you buy their products, and it's annoying enough. But that did not ruined everything. It was a happening area to begin with. 

We didn't want to waste anymore time, so we've made a quick plan to go for a cliff diving trip at Ariel's Point. It's actually another small island we get to go by another boat ride. While on the boat, we get to enjoy free flow of soft drink, beer and liquor. And yes, drinks made strangers get together. Get to know some locals, English, American and Korean friends while at it. 

This place was even beautiful as it own. So many activities to do here. I was mesmerized by the whole scenic view there is. But we came here for just one main thing. It's 'the jump'. It took me quite some (well a lot) of time to finally did it. That few minutes of hesitation ended with guts and not thinking too much. I let go of my fear of heights. That one and only jump. Without those words of encouragement from my loved ones and strangers, I don't think I would even want to be at the edge of the cliff. Some guy even volunteer to save me from drowning . Oh how sweet! But yeah, there's life guard on stand by there. *grin* Not everyone are daring enough to do it, when some prefer just to chill around. 

I had the best buffet lunch enjoying local dishes there. San Miguel Light makes it even sweeter. Good food with great company. And a great place to just take nap, soak in the water, drink and mingle with people all over the globe. What more can you ask for?  I don't think I ever drink that much if it was here back home. Spend the whole afternoon till almost sunset there.

Had a little conversation with a Korean lady, who came with his husband and son, on the boat ride back. It was so nice to get to share stories about where we came from and how is it like here and there. I took a picture with her and hopefully we'll crossed path again someday.

Walked all the way to Jonah's for a snack. And it was packed. We got a seat of course. Fruit shake, shake, shake! All the way till sunset baby! 

We chose the purrrfectttt setting.
But without a romantic date. What a waste, haha! 

This view was right in front.
Sunset view of Willy's Rock.
I want a pre-wedding pictures here please? :p

Ok enough about that.

Went back to the hotel to take some shower and rest. And out about to search something delicious for dinner again. 

We were spoilt with choices but we only have a tummy to be filled. There's too much, a bit pricey food in Boracay compared to Manila if you ask me. But oh well, we are on vacation so why not. We went round and round and round till we decided to just settle for Pamana restaurant for dinner.

Food was delicious! It did not disappoint.

Initial plan was to party a bit late but we had to call the night off for a much needed sleep and a sore from the jump earlier on. 

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