Thursday, 12 February 2015

Uno Noche in Boracay Part 2

Clock's ticking as the fun times always end too soon. Few more hours to breathe in here. 

Woke up from Loco Frio's frozen cocktail slumber the night before. It was probably Bailey's and Rum. I can't recall exactly what was the concoctions but it was good.  A must try drink only in Boracay. 

Packed everything, showered and ready for breakfast. Breakfast at the hotel was typical Filipino ones I like. Corned beef, egg, rice and yellow watermelon on my plate. And oh, O.J to quench the thirst! Happy me, happy tummy! :)

We had another day to enjoy till sunset before going back to Kalibo. 

Puffy clouds, sun shines, crystal clear waters and white sandy beach makes a happy feet. It's amazing I am no longer allergic to sands. Or maybe just this beach? Pero siempre a beautiful morning to begin with.

Strolling down the beach, 
One end to another, 
It gave us the itch, 
Calamansi muffin, we are in search for. 

So we finally found 'Real Coffee and Tea Cafe'. We just had to try the best of what they have to offer. Had a really nice  brew of warm coffee and their famous muffin. While we were enjoying the best breakfast view, imagine sitting upstairs, front blue water and sandy beach, I saw a picture of Marc Nelson, a famous tv host in the Philippines. Found he was a regular there, yes that 'gwapo'. *smiles*

Walked around D'Mall again and ate this Mango Flavoured Ice Cream with Cherries on top. Just my kind of dessert on the go. So many things to look at and man, those temptations to shop was there but we were on budget and I had to control myself. 

While some of us went for a temporary tattoo, I went for a hair braid instead. Asked for a 'Alicia Keys kind of half hair braid'. Summer time hair style ala Boracay, goes well with a tube top. 

While I was waiting to get my hair done, I get to feast my eyes with this at the next table. And this little local girl playing with the rubber hair band, trying to seek my attention.

Spot this art in Boracay...

And be reminded to be an ocean mindedHad yet another round of drinks at Epic before lunch time. Just chilling out with conversations. While lunch time was packed with humans and no more available tables and seats left , we had to settle on Andok's food, which was not too bad at all. 

Last drink was at Bom Bom Bar before our cafe hopping in Boracay end. We were lucky enough to be entertained by a famous Boracay All Star named Ferns Tosco that afternoon. I was instantly a fan of hers singing her song 'Island Called Boracay'. I was kind of regretted that I didn't bought her signed cd that day. But oh, well.

If only you could wake up to this every single day of your life. Scorching hot weather I could live with. My heart says yes but I've got life other than this. 

Last view, last touch....

And last sunset.
Yes, on the boat.
Makes my heart skips a beat.

We bid farewell to a short but fun journey in Boracay, never the less.

Starting to get darker as the bus drove by. I could see sea waves crashing down below as we've reached to a higher height of the road, from my window seat. 

We were back in Kalibo again for the night. Had Spaghetti Bolognese at the hotel's restaurant for dinner.

And up for an early morning flight to Manila the next day.

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