Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bandung | Indonesia | Day 2 | May 2015

A lovely morning from Bandung. Up and about for a delicious spread of buffet. Had breakfast like a king because we were going up to the highland today. Which was a couple of hours drive from town. 

After that traffic jam in Bandung, an hour plus or so, we have reached the strawberry village. Weather was fine, not that cold but a bit windy. It was a perfect day for plucking fresh strawberries.

A basket full of strawberries later, we were seated with various dishes for lunch. And coconut water for refreshment before heading to another adventure.

It was the weekend. Yet another long drive. So it was expected  that the queue up to 'Kawah Putih' was longer. It was super crowded for my liking. It's kind of hard to take a nice picture.

See what I mean?

But I took the opportunity to snap this picture at the side. Yes, when it was less crowded and no one was ruining my frame. Hehe! Surprisingly, this picture I've posted on Instagram got reposted by 'Go Asean' on their Instagram. I'm honored.

A short hike up and down was alright but a seriously deadly smell of the sulphur that came from the cave made me out of breath. It was some how a different experience altogether.

After that, we went back to town for some shopping at places like Toko Tiga and The Heritage ( my favorite ). 

Bandung is the place to be. So many things to do here. Be it for relaxation, fun and leisure. Had a hard time trying to control myself. Haha!

So yeah, that walking around makes us hungry. Screw me, I forgot the name of this beautiful restaurant. With it's great decor and ambiance, I'd come again. Oh, I was too full from those seafood too. 

We went back to the hotel to freshen up after. And another round of street walking to this before calling it a night.

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