Friday, 18 September 2015

Good bye Jakarta! | May 2015

It was an early morning flight, so we just took naps for a bit. Hotel gave us a take away breakfast box which contained Nutella and colourful sprinkles on top of a bread. I could barely touch it for a bite but I just had to. Thank goodness for Teh Botol Sosro to wash down my food, it was too sweet for my liking but what the heck! 

I was still too sleepy when we got to the airport. Felt like a panda walking through airport ticket counters and immigrations. Something caught my eyes though. I remembered chatting with Imsy ( a nickname for a music buddy of mine ) who recommended food that I need to try in Indonesia. So this is one of it.

Bakmi GM.
I didn't get to try the non fast food bakmi but this one will do for now. It was nice for my savoury taste. 

Walked around till it is finally the call to go home. 

Definitely not my last visit to the Indonesia.

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