Monday, 18 July 2016

In the Heart Of Thaipusam

Bright sunny days, Somedays somehow it will eventually be it,
 in love of those days, like I finally no longer denying it.

Was on a flight from Selangor recently, sat beside the window looking at the clouds. Restless me, I just need to do something. I took an inflight magazine out. Just browsing I swear, never intended to do a heavy reading anyway. But, but this particular article took my attention, I just had to. 

I am no religious person to begin with. But I have an open mind about learning and accepting other people's own. It doesn't matter what race or religion you are in, I believe that knowing other people's beliefs make you understand them more. 

Well back to speaking of the article I have just read. It was about a Tamil- Hindu celebration called Thaipusam. I have always wanted to come and visit Batu Caves since I don't know when. I'm no fit kind of person and to think that I had to climb those stairs, makes me think twice. But it will also be nice to experience that once in a lifetime. That long walk with that crowd I know I wouldn't mind. 

Someday I wish to witness this in front of my two front eyes, nothing beats real life. Like the procession I'm keen to see in Bali, somehow like this one, there's just something about one's culture that caught me. In the eye or in the heart, I'm not quite sure. The beauty which interest me, it's beyond words. It's personal, I guess.

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