Tuesday, 26 July 2016

| Shah Alam / Kuala Lumpur | April 2016 : Day 3

Early mornings on a holiday is so not getting in me but we need to do what we need to do.
It was way too early and still early when we got to the university venue for my sister's graduation. I don't work great with long hours and hot weather. Like oh my goodness I was already beyond cranky with sweats at the end of the day. But I survived. And I was beyond happy for words that I get to witnessed my sister's graduation. 

Called our preferred driver that late afternoon to pick us up. 
Was really excited to be back in KL that evening.

Traffic jam was pretty bad heading towards the city centre on weekends.
As we finally arrived at our hotel, we stayed at Bintang Warisan this time around and I simply love the oriental feel to it. Just in case you didn't know yet, there is something about differences in cultures that I adore. This one reminds me where part of me are from.

Settled in and had a little rest before we decided to go out again.

We had an early dinner at the hotel's cute little cafe.
I had this kinda, sorta Indonesian fried rice. 
Does not feel like it but heck yeah, whatever.

Time to head down to the malls to celebrate!
Finally setting up my feet here after all these years.

So many things I am tempted but first, cold pressed juices for the whole family and man, I am so in love with this natural frozen yogurt. Heard it's Spanish yogurt. So yummy!

It's getting late but we were walking around the city, with street lights shining bright.
Long walks, crowds and endless cars around. Buzzing busy bees, literally, do they even sleep? Some say, the night are still young. Does it ever get old for some?

Some days, I could get used to this.
Some things I could dance to with all the happenings.

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