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....says about my culture & where part of the world I'm from. Our difference. This is where I spilled the beans. Unravel through my cup of black & white coffee journey.

The Author/Blogger

Behind those written words is someone named Eudora.

The corporate world was never her destiny. Her love for artistic things made her what she is today.
A petite music lover with a big appetitte

Proud to be a multi-lingual Asian. She's got a mix blood of Chinese & Kadazan-Dusun running through her veins. Thinks she comes from a unique & exotic culture which she tends to keep &; preserved it. Loves writing as much as capturing wonderful moments, traveling through time and enjoy trying different types of cuisine.

I ♥ music as much, I'm always hungry for new song? Oh yes,definitely! ^_^ 
A loyal supporter of Malaysian local music industry & KK Music Scene.