Tuesday, 10 April 2007

her second attempt? urmmm.....

Hey guys...how's your day? I hope your days are better than mine....ehehehe :p
I've been sOo lazy & sleepy at work today maybe because I was lacking enough sleep these past few days. I'm not sure why but maybe I was just too much thinking of stuffs. And damn, my days are getting freaking busy lately ! Feeling a bit stressed -out I think I do need a vacation ! ;) Well, hope all goes well with u guys lar, I know we are all been busy but lets have some time to chill out for awhile...

Sorry for this kinda-bored-2nd-entry, I can't seem to think anything wonderful to write. Like what Dino said to me YeaH, I am 'budak pemalas' hafta agree with you on that...Maybe I havent get rid of my MONDAY BLues since yesterday...Ahaks =p

Anyway, here's a picture I wanna share wif you guys. My new pet, small & adorable toy size puppy. I called it Pretty-Bambi....Cute aint she? ;)

That's it for today...

Need to shut my eyes now !

~Much LoVeeeee~

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