From Tg. Aru to Beaufort - A Train Journey

Started bright and early yesterday, Thursday, 2nd of March 2023. My cousin and I decided for a daytrip train ride from Tanjung Aru Railway Station to Beaufort and back. Was kind of excited honestly, coz I haven't rode a train here in Sabah in years and this will my first to Beaufort by train(which will usually be a family car trip). When we reached the Tg. Aru station, there were already a long queue of people at the ticketing counter. The staff were efficient so no worries about that. Ticket price per adult was RM 9.60 for Tanjung Aru- Beaufort-Tanjung Aru. Before you decide to take a train ride, be prepared to be there early, bring cash and prepare your own food/snacks as they will be no food selling at the Tg. Aru Railway Station. The ticketing counter will be open half and hour before and all payment must be paid in cash. We were finally boarding the train after it was supposed to be leaving at 7.45am but got delayed 5 minutes late. Patiently waiting to get with the amount se

Guess who is back?

Few years have passed, Where she was once connected, Back when life was wild, Till it felt like the world has died, But for now she has returned. ❤

| Shah Alam / Kuala Lumpur | April 2016 : Day 3

Early mornings on a holiday is so not getting in me but we need to do what we need to do. It was way too early and still early when we got to the university venue for my sister's graduation. I don't work great with long hours and hot weather. Like oh my goodness I was already beyond cranky with sweats at the end of the day. But I survived. And I was beyond happy for words that I get to witnessed my sister's graduation.  Called our preferred driver that late afternoon to pick us up.  Was really excited to be back in KL that evening. Traffic jam was pretty bad heading towards the city centre on weekends. As we finally arrived at our hotel, we stayed at Bintang Warisan this time around and I simply love the oriental feel to it. Just in case you didn't know yet, there is something about differences in cultures that I adore. This one reminds me where part of me are from. Settled in and had a little rest before we decided to go out again.

| Shah Alam V1 | April 2016 : Day 2

Late night slumber still lingering, On my mind had something playing. We were supposed to have that breakfast down at the hotel's buffet table but we just want that chee cheong fun and raw fish porridge at Chinatown Petaling Street. The thing about staying just next to the street. We later head down to Sogo Mall area using the convenient train ride and around nearby malls. I was not up for shopping any items yet, so I just had a quick browse on the shelves. Everyone kind of had early lunch but I was not hungry so I just had laici kang drink before we rushed back to the hotel. It was already noon when we checked out of the hotel. I gave in the idea that we should use GrabCar instead. We figured that some taxis are no longer on our list. Sorry but not sorry. Take this as a challenge to improve your services please. I rather go for Grab or Uber now. Reached Shah Alam and we got ourselves an artsy fartsy hotel for the night. It was so pretty! Headache from the p

| Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor | April 2016 : Day 1

Early morning airport vibes before flying off. Still sleepy on that very day but oh so good to get some off from work.  In the state of blurriness ( If such word even exist ), coincidently this familiar place was caught up with haze at the same time. It was ecitement and mied feelings to be here after like almost 10 years. Reminiscing over the years where I met part of the Frequency Cannon band, my Borneo girls Izah and Evon (  whom we met because of our love for the local bands ), Hsu Jen, Joyce and Sze Ning from our roadtrip to the Orang Asli village. Touchdown on a Friday. Unexpected plans were set on for the night. I was never a avid party goer but I was always a fan of Urbanscape event from afar back home. So it was great to hear that my musician friend, Shaneil got me in the party. Went for the ride with Marsha, a friend of Shaneil, along Petaling Street and we finally found the Urbanscape House right at Medan Pasar. When we've arrived, it was around 9p