From Tg. Aru to Beaufort - A Train Journey

Started bright and early yesterday, Thursday, 2nd of March 2023.

My cousin and I decided for a daytrip train ride from Tanjung Aru Railway Station to Beaufort and back. Was kind of excited honestly, coz I haven't rode a train here in Sabah in years and this will my first to Beaufort by train(which will usually be a family car trip). When we reached the Tg. Aru station, there were already a long queue of people at the ticketing counter. The staff were efficient so no worries about that. Ticket price per adult was RM 9.60 for Tanjung Aru- Beaufort-Tanjung Aru.

Before you decide to take a train ride, be prepared to be there early, bring cash and prepare your own food/snacks as they will be no food selling at the Tg. Aru Railway Station. The ticketing counter will be open half and hour before and all payment must be paid in cash.

We were finally boarding the train after it was supposed to be leaving at 7.45am but got delayed 5 minutes late. Patiently waiting to get with the amount sea of people. School holiday crowd.

Morning bliss through the sound you don't always get to listen ; the noise where the choo-choo train goes, the cringing rail track and break gave you a mini heart attack once in awhile. Oh the unfamiliarity! And there it was a hidden smile behind that different shades of grey coloured mask of mine.

Tummy was hungry for food as the minutes passed by. Just enjoying the slow bumpy moments you seldom appreciate upon. Every mini pitstop of those small towns makes your heart definitely dance.

2 hours of journey, said hello to Beaufort at 10am. Quick bites and walks as we only have few minutes to spare. Beautiful legendary old town, it was as if some parts were a stand still. While looking from the inside of train window, took the last look at those abandoned old train beside the station. Me and my heart finally bid you farewell at 11am.

Best part of what a train ride does to me : a total difference in how life goes,  the set of experiences. I am but thankful for the amazing scenic view God has created and in somehow a perfect weather and timing. It is healing. The heat just beat the rest. ❤


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