Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Just Another day @ Starbucks Again.....

I am sOo tired & sleepy I can't even think what to blog. My brain are all worn out, I have nothing to say I'm speechless. I guess I just leave some pictures of what I usually do when I'm stressing out....Hanging out at my favourite place of course ;)

me bored @ starbucks? u've gotta be kidding ! ekekekeke ;p

i just Love the's my cheekbone?

two of the things I cant leave without....hehehe ;p

Me ordering a COFFEE OF THE DAY is must at Starbucks....SoO the Next time you decided to drop by there, don't forget me ya? U guys should buy me a drink....Hehehe....Speaking of that I am SoO Mishing MY COFFEE MATE ! ToO Far to accompany me at our favourite place....Huhuhu :(

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elvinado said...

Do you know that I started my blog on this very day? guess what?...we started our blog around the same time.N... Im sorry for asking. I can't find my link on you blogroll :'{
BTW you keep on writing I keep on reading...bye