Friday, 8 June 2007's been awhile....i know.....

I was sOo damn sleepy at work these few days. Probably because of the rainy days. SoO cold wor ! Sitting directly under the air-cond definitely killed me ! Haha...Putting up the volume of my stereo would not worked at all.....It's the same thing ! Sama juga nak tertido... Thank gOodneSs lah there's always sOmeone tO wake me up...Hehehe =p

sOmeone reached their hotel in SingapOre yesterday about 11 am. ngam, ngam i was chatting with one of the brother. their shOw were AWESOme just noW ! toO bad i only got to watched it on tv. it's LIVE tho' ! felt like my eyes got stucked on screen.. can't get my eyes of that ive mentioned many times, he's cute! can't say it here whO exactly tho'....nahas karang ;)

todaY, as usual my darling dj gave me alot of songs....which im lovin it ! parapapapapa....hahaha....was sOo DAMN BORED at work I tell you....nasib baik lah si Enoch online....can kacau2 him ;p until now pun still chatting w him while blogging....

oklah im tired already....sat lagik nak tidO...

tO eNoch....tOmorrOw more songs for me aights? let me hear ur 'mahal" voice bah !
tO dinO....happY drum-rolling mole-man! =p
tO the guys in Singapore....i still love u guys....seE u this sunday! again

Good nite darlings ;)

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