Sunday, 30 December 2007

Birthday Wishes For You....

This has been my old time favourite birthday song.
I think it's still the best for me.
As I love this song so much, I think I'm gonna dedicate this one for you, everyone who is celebrating their birthday today! No birthday gifts ! Sorry!

Just A Little Piece of Note Written By Me =)

My Friend,

You may not be the best singer I've known
You could never be the sporty player of all time
You may not dance like the professional
You seriously can't play a note on instruments
You can never be the artistic one I adore
But you can definitely paint my heart
With colours of rainbow I love
And that is for sure !

Wishing you nothing but everything the best!
Happy Birthday! xoxo

Maligayang Bati Para Saiyo...
Birthdays prayers goes out to.....
to Alfred, Darlene, Elaine, Eileen & Joshua and everyone I forgot to mention! Hee =D

With Warmest Regards


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