Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A Great Sunday 9th December 2007

I had a loOoongggg day last Sunday but it was worth it!
Since I haven't been to the beach for quite sometime already, I intend to make my Sunday a Great day and it was indeed Fun! =)

After Sunday mass & going for breakfast, I went back home & catch some rest when a friend of mine decided I'd join him for a picnic with his friends. It was actually rushing but thank God I survived! =p He introduced me to his friends and the next thing I know I was having new friends. We were enjoying our day with the sea, sand & plus the weather was perfect! I was having a good time strolling by the beach & taking pictures & having good conversations, I didnt realize I got sunburnt! Haha =D

Thanks A* for a great time!

Some of the pictures~

the half star captured....

guess again...

I am obsessed with the sky, clouds...Heehe =)


A*'s friend....The photographer & the paparazzi of the day! Made me felt like a Celebrity! Haha =p

Look what I've found while sitting at the cafe? Cute diba?

This 2 lovely birds caught my eyes while enjoying my Iced Lemon Tea under the rain and decided to grab the camera. =)


Dinner at My Cousin's Place in Kg.Kolopis

My cousin Anne & her husband prepared Italian dinner for the night!
Masarap Naman....


Madeline my niece~

Michael my nephew~

I Love My Lil 2 Munchkins ;)




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