Friday, 22 February 2008

I could hear raindrops started to fall outside. While I am sitted here blogging on this laptop. Accompanied by the songs I love. Ooh, I just love listening to Michael Buble's every piece.

It's true what you said. Still fresh on my mind. It makes me & you happy. The songs are all beautiful. But it is even more beautiful when you have someone important or means so much to you to share the song with. One of the things I could have Agree more. :)

Oops, the short timing raindrops just stopped.

Maybe it wouldnt want to see me turning sad & blue.
I won't. Coz I know even if the sun refused to shine, there will always be that ray of Sunshine in My Heart.

To Everyone Who Have Never Fail to Make People Smile,
May you Shine, Shine !

Take Care & Have a Safe and Great Weekend!


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