Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Burberry London Craze

Some people might know how much I love Burberry.
And some might not know.

Burberry as everyone knows it's among the famous one in the fashion scene in the United Kingdom. :)

There is something about British design abels.
I don't know. But it really is fascinating. Look so good in my eyes.

And it hurts to see this designer brand without having one.

Presenting their latest collection......

Lovely dress right?

Wish I could own one.
Ooh, those dresses kills me!


Just feasting the eyes on a rainy evening at work.....



Anonymous said...

I love the UK fashion scene. One of my favourite brands too. Alongside Dorothy Perkins and The Body Shop (of course not a fashion label, but a UK brand nonetheless) :-)

evon.the.hawtness said...

oh. ive always know u love BURBERRY! Too bad, I dont see any BURBERRY stores in KL, yet! Hee. =pp Well, soon girl. SOON!