Saturday, 22 March 2008

I am sitting here at Starbucks, Citymall right now blogging. The smell of my sister's banana chocolate muffin kills me since I am already full during dinner. Gosh, finally I had the chance to get my blog updated! It's been like ages! And those fellas haven't got my Streamyx fixed yet! Damnit!

Still having my Vanilla Cream Espresso Affogato Frapuccino puts a smile on my face!
Yes, I actually remember with unique pronunciation. I am a freak when it comes to language.
Starbucks make...
Happy, happy me! :)

So I promised to tell you guys what happened last Sunday did I?
Hee. Here goes......

From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
of Wedding & Potrait Photography

Yes, I went to attend this seminar by Louis Pang the amazing wedding
photographer himself.

The seminar started off with a talk about EPSON printers by the
regional manager, James based in Singapore. It was actually good to know
some facts about those printers though I must admit that I was only there to hear
Louis Pang do some talking. Hahaha....sorry James! =p But honestly, being a once EPSON printer user, I must say that their printing quality is one of the best so far!

After that talk from EPSON, finally we got to hear Louis Pang do his thing.
Not only does he took awesome photographs, he also has a good communication
skills. We got to hear him share his 7 great tips and well, ALMOST hmmm
I think EVERYONE got INSPIRED that day.

Owh well, maybe I just did.
It doesnt even matter I don't own a DSLR.
But still, a Nikon SLR will do.
Till I got my hands on one that is.

Heehe xD

Being one of the people who attend this seminar,
I am just feeling LUCKY and HONOURED.

Thanks EPSON !
For making everything is FREE that day!

Goodie Bag from EPSON!

Here's what we got from that seminar.....

A DVD worth RM50
Louis Pang's Big Little Moments
sharing his photography sessions.

A Signed Autographed One
It's FREE ! :)

And by the way, that's a friend of mine, Amanda and his
hubby, Desmond on that DVD cover.

Hey, they are on the DVD surface too!

Some information about EPSON printers inside the file.

the upcoming registration forms for LP's workshops.
I wish I had alot of money to attend that!


Goodies from EPSON


Hell yeah,
I don't want to miss this chance ever!
Finally met him in person!

Yours truly & Mr. Louis Pang himself


Pictures courtesy from my sister

Last but not least,
yeah after sO loOonggggg he said.

A senior of mine in college.
Julian and I at the seminar.
It was good to meet you there Bro!

That's it for now!


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