Saturday, 15 March 2008

I got my CPU back!

Yes! He's back, he's back !
My handsome blue CPU is BACK in ACTION!

Hee :)
I got a brand new power supply and a new motherboard too.
I just lost a few hundred to get it fixed. But thank God my hard disk is Safe and I didn't lost any documents. Phew!

Now that I finally got my CPU back, I'll be doing some updating on all those backdated post soon. First thing first, I'm going to do some editing with all the pictures. Which explains why my post nowadays has been very boring without lots of pictures. Not only for the lack of it but also I have my own reason not to put too much of it here.

I'm very much of a more person private nowadays. Only the chosen people get to view what has been going behind my life. 
This blog is still personal but with limit. 

I'm not saying that I don't like knowing  new people. As a matter of fact, I do. I want to travel 
around to places 
so that I could meet people who are Atrageously Unique & Exotic.
Strangers who colours your life everywhere rather than just that simple plain, black & white.
That would be BORING.

Call me anything you want.
You might say that I'm paranoid.
Go ahead maybe I am, but I'm just being safe these days, not wanting to get hurt by just any stranger anymore.


This sentence :

" My God, my God,
Why have you abandoned me? "

It had opened up our eyes during this Holy Week.


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