Thursday, 13 March 2008


As I was walking towards into my office building this morning, I saw that little girl again. I don't know why everytime I see her, she makes me stopped & stood there near her for awhile. I look into her eyes. Silently I watched her sitting at the corner drawing something from that piece of paper & only a pencil on her hand. And the day before I saw her held a book & read it at the same corner. There was no one around. All by herself. She was this poor kid living in nearby. I was so touched to see how engrossed she was doing something useful even how poor she is. When I set my eyes on her, I can see her determination to learn something despite her condition.

I walked past by her slowly, smiling.

No, not to her. But to myself only in my heart.

She makes my day.
I was touched by an angel. Indeed!


And you know what else makes my day?
I am so Happy today too because I saw my little munchkins!
I went out for lunch with my colleagues and saw my cousin & her family at the coffee shop. Eeeee I miss them sOo much! Lil Madie and Baby Mikey are my niece & nephew. Eventhough we live nearby but I seldom get to see them. Just before I leave the coffee shop, I kissed them & say goodbye. :)

Surely that was a Great feeling!


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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet :)