Thursday, 10 April 2008

As My Blog Turned One -9th April 2008

(Warning : A not-too-long post ahead...)

Yes, finally :: Atrageously Unique & Exotic :: celebrate it's first birthday today!
What a baby still ! =)

For the past 12th months, my blog : has been through Alot of Changes. I mean it.
Even the author has change her circle of life.
Everything including layout, template....the list goes on.  
I couldn't even believe my eyes!

A year ago, I started out publishing on because I felt that there was no privacy blogging in Friendster.  
So there was this one typical day where I feel the urge to blog here. 
No apparent reason.
I just feel that I had to.

Believe me or not, this was once a deserted blog. 
A privatised one to be exact.  
No one even knew about it except for a few of my guy friends that is. 
Well, not until they randomly found out. 

WhOopsie! Kantoi ! Haha =)

I remember my very first time here. I knew nothing. I didn't feel at home either. Like one man who moved to a new neighbourhood. No one came to visit.  But Thank God, is so environmentally friendly.  Soon enough, I could finally adapt on the new & fresh ambience. I was so happy I can say that I found myself a place called my own.
And nope, I didn't have a house-warming party back then. =p

Compared to the past few entries I have posted & the contents last time,  it is totally different. I don't know if anyone realize or not.
If you have been here for the last couple of months , I bet you should have....Noticed.
Did you noticed?
I've grown up did I?

Blogging has been part of my daily routine since middle of last year. I never thought that I would get this updated frequently. And to know that you have someone to inspire you everytime, back then, it encouraged you. 
That someone who happens to be your ultimate loyal reader ; who treats your blog as bedtime stories despite that 8 hours difference time zone. Twas a beautiful feeling indeed!  Those days are not here anymore.

I used talk crap here. Well actually, literally.
Maybe still is. That I have got to admit.  But at least I was way better than before right? Hee.
In my point of view, I've transformed my blog into featuring a band biography, food review, talking about the places I've travelled so far & 
every bit of pieces on everything you want to hear about my thoughts here. Plus, the emotional parts & different mood swings, happy thoughts & reminiscene. It is all a bit of a mixed rojak don't you think? bleh.

People tend to judge you the way you blog about something & that sometimes, is no good.  
I never knew this blogging thingy has so much effect in other people's life. I don't know why they have to take it seriously & misunderstood. 
Chill out peeps! You need to get a life!
That is why I have learn to watch my words and be careful not to overdose.
I don't intend spilling too much details here.  

I still blogged with my personal thoughts.
With limits, protected privacy.
"That distant star will never have to know....."

Thus making a decision to put this on public were never easy for me.
It was a love & hate relationship in between.

A token of appreciation :

As the author of this blog, I would like to say a Big Thank You to everyone who read this blog,
the ones who dropped by to say hello at my chatbox, those endless nice, 
wonderful comments & not forgetting those not-so-nice comments I got,  
most of the time fron an 'Anonymous'  one.  
Eventhough it sound nasty and none the less makes me down at times, still perhaps I need that. At the end of the day, it is mine anyways. God Bless You !
I really hope you guys enjoy reading my blog as I enjoy every minute blogging & sharing with you.

Okay I better stop now before I have even more to say.
At this point, you might be yawning or maybe fast asleep already.
Sorry if this was a boring one.




Anonymous said...

Artrageously Unique & Exotic: Happy 1st Birthday! :D

Eudora: Congratulations! That's quite a milestone! May you have many more... ;)

Eudora said...

Thanks alot Kenny!
Cheers :)