Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park : 5 April 2008

We can make it happened. It doesnt even matter whether it is sunshine or rain.
So we go on to what we called ' our last minute' plan.
The weather has always been unfair to us but nothing will ever stopped us.
We can make it through the rain. Just like we always do.

As a nature & an animal lover,
this is just the right place to be !

When you're feeling all out. tired & hungry,
do pay a visit to this cafe.....

But hey, I've just arrived! Better check the animals out first! Hee xD
Let's moved on with some of the pictures of the animals there.

They say,
Pictures tells a thousand words.
So I might let the picture do the talking.
I will still do a bit less words of caption though.

The Sun Bear

Awww....isn't it cute?
I couldn't resist taking pictures of it sound asleep!
I felt like pinching it cheeks. or Maybe I should not....
Hahaha.... =p

The Himalayan Tiger

Hey kitty, kitty!
Meow, meow.....
Oopss I mean...
Roarrrrrrrr !

Orang Utan

The orang utan must be thinking,
" What's for dinner later?
More of bananas perhaps?"
Heehe :)


Jumping up and down, it wouldnt sit still.
This was the hardest one to get it captured.
Can you just give me one best shot of yourself for a moment?

The Proboscis Monkeys

The Mummy feeding the baby!
So sweet naman! ;)

The Zebras

Are they both fighting or playing?
I have no idea. Hmmm...

Tembadau or Wild Cattle

Feed on grass.

Mouse Deer

The cute little one.  I didnt noticed at first.


Can you see them?
The most caring ones here.
One big happy family.
As always! Nice ey? ;)

The Asian Elephant

Slightly smaller than the African Elephant.
It's still huge though!
Hey Dumbo!

Small Crocs

To be honest,
I'm not too keen on reptiles.
So left unsaid.

The Ostrichs

The fast runner
and show offs! Haaha =p

Burung Gagak

Reminds me of the talking birds my late grandfather in Papar used to have.
So talking to birds were never that rare for me. But at some point,
I don't quite like birds. Coz I think I'm allergic to it! Hehehe....

Overall, we had fun that day!
But for me, only to find out that I had tons of blisters on my leg as I reached home. Huhuhu...

I should have worn flip flops instead....



elfiejane said...

lassttt time i went to the wildlife park it was still newly opened (last year august), so i didnt go in. the sun bear is so cute!!

and i have this creepy fascination for crocodiles. like i even went to the crocodile farm in tuaran twice.

Eudora said...

You should go in the next time you're here babe! The sun bear? Yeah indeed!

To the crocs farm twice? Wow! Maybe I should put that on my list soon! Heehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Hehe... one of the zebras look like it's spurning the lusty advances of the other... ;)

Eudora said...

Heehe...Maybe, perhaps :)