Saturday, 12 April 2008

A New Number

Each passing year, I try not to look forward to it.
If I could, I wish I could avoid it .I don't know. Sometime it just scares me.
Psycho, that numero just freaking me out a bit!
I don't mean to sound not appreciative or what.
This is just a feeling. Don't blame me.

Believe me when I say it is  the only day you will know who is real and who are not.
Trust me. Appreciate what you have today, never demand what you can't have.

Few years back, I nearly lost something. That one thing important no other man will give except Him. 
Thank God for I am still here today. Is that a great feeling or what?
Thanks to everyone for making this day as mine.
For the ones I felt so real & so true.  Those irreplaceable kind.
My loved ones.  Mi Familia at Kaibigan. ( My family & friends )

I have a Life. A Heart.
By second chance, I still own one.
It is so fragile, people tend to break it.
And while others care to mend for me.

As my tiny finger tips flip through the sheets fill with numbers,
I danced to a new age. Turning in just the right vibe.
I am positively sure it aint a wrong number at all.
I finally turned a year older today.

Will it be as magnifico as before?
Maybe  if I could make my own dance.
The right step at a time. Doesn't have to be perfecto.
Perhaps it will be as I wanted.

I got myself a new number.
A spanking new one & hopefully more to come! :)



elfiejane said...

Happy Birthday, bebeh!

Eudora said...

Muchas Gracias! Hee ;)

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Happy happy birthday Sis of Ms. Danne! all i can say is...urm...."chin up Girl!!" and you know ur beautiful! happy buffday ;)

Eudora said...

Thanks Cilla! :)