Friday, 4 April 2008

Our Playground

Imagined if we were kids....

Playing around at the playground.
You will always be the one to hide & I, the one will always seek.
Peek-a-boo me!
We will be talking endlessly while you pushed me behind the swings.  
And how could I forget all the jokes that would make my day?
We will both go sliding down the slide. 
And how we used to run, trying to catch each other. 
Ooh, I nearly lost my breath!

But then...
I ended up falling,
Started crying all by myself,
It hurts so deep,  it left a scar,
A wound that won't seem to heal.

I had no one.

Tell me something.....
Where were you when the playground seem so empty?



Kenny Mah said...

For some reason, this reminded me of Madonna's This Used To Be My Playground. Very nostalgic-bittersweet.

We fall, my dear, but we do get up again. Sometimes it takes the help of someone else's hands, sometimes we can do it ourselves. :)

Eudora said...

I didn't know Madonna has a song titled similar to my entry. Now I know then. Heehe.

Thanks for the thought! Your words encouraged me more. It really meant something to me. I'm sure I can do it my own. ;)