Thursday, 3 April 2008

the Reader

I was at the Popular and the Times Bookshop hours ago.
High & low I'm searching for something, a fine reading material perhaps.
A novel, non-fiction book to be exact. You know the not-so-hard cover with hundreds of pages?
Someone might say this,
"She's into reading? A non-fictional book? Really? Since when?"
Well actually, I do. I must admit I don't read much these days.
Urmm....I used to. It has been like ages, I know. Nowadays, I'm more into light reading until today that is. Out of no where, I changed my mind.
There were alot of books I wanted to buy just now. But then, nothing really seem to caught my heart.
I just saw the author Lydia Teh's book that I thought had caught my eye, still I didnt managed to grabbed it though.
Will see if I could put it on my list when I'm not on a budget! Ahaks =p

I turned away to a different section of the bookstore.
The interior design, food & travel and not to mention, language section as usual.
Suddenly a little foreigner girl greeted me with a smile. I smiled back& never uttered a word as I didnt understand what she is saying. Think she's Arabian. Stranger in a foreign land. But still I find her cute! :)

And on a different note.....

I figured out through it.
The way it is.
Something so beautiful & very well-written. 
You could said this one thing. 
Tell me it is a good thing. 
What makes me driven? 
Enough to make me realize my passion. 
Part of me saying that I'm passionate about it. 
I was nevertheless inspired. My source of inspiration.



Anonymous said...

What a sweet little encounter with the Arabian girl!

And I'd heartily recommend anything by Lydia (not cos she's a friend; I was a fan first before befriending her).

Eudora said...

Maybe I should checked her books out right? Heehe. Thanks Kenny! *smiles*

Tristan said...

I liked the Times bookstore. I think if I'm in KK...I'd be visiting it a lot! (^__^)

So, how have you been?

Eudora said...

Yeah, we all sure do love Times bookstore do we? I could spent hours there without even realizing the time. Hee =)

And by the way, I'm doing pretty good here despite being a busy bee at work these days.

Take Care!
Cheers ;)