Thursday, 17 April 2008

the Red heels

I am pretty positively sure that my closed ones would know the fact that I love Red too much. From the red coloured collection I've got here in my room. Red Devils merchandise, England & Spain football jerseys, Christmas flowers, chair just to name a few. And did I forgot to mention that song Red Dress by local singer & musician Yuri Wong is my favourite too? :)

sO, what's with the title above you may ask?

the Red heels.
The heels that left behind not only a story.
But two or more most likely.

This particular heels is actually my favourite pair so far.
What makes it so special?
I stumbled upon this while doing some shopping on my first trip to the Philippines. It hit me to purchased it without thinking twice as I felt an instant love at first sight for it! Geez. Very typical I must say. Woman & shoes? They just can't be separated! Shoe fetish, shoe fetish.....Crazy yo!

Secondly, I also wore this heels to my first meeting up close & personal with my favourite local band, Estranged. Yeah I did! It was not a good idea to wear heels to a concert, I know. My leg was killing me that time. But it was worth it! As least for me that is. Talking 'bout bands, I'm a real fanatic one right? Yikes! Heehe =p

And beside going to the so many special events in my life with this heels,
I almost found what I want in my life but I didnt.

Dear Red heels of mine,

Through the dry and wet season, you are still here.
You came from a different place but yet you fit in.
You remind me of that something. Will I still called it special?
I don't know. Ahhhhh....Memories!

I don't blame you, my heels.
It was a never your fault.

the scene that was :
It was rather hot that day. But there was no burning sun to suffer my skin.
Walking slowly, as if we were just passing the time.
Splashing waters of the sea.
Sharing thoughts & views, seems endless.
You & I.....
Captured everything till this day.
I got something you left behind. A deep one.

P/s : Reddish red one, my love for thee shall remain.
I think I shall named myself 'Red Riding Hood' soon but in my own version lah

Hee xD