Saturday, 24 May 2008

As I Speak : Run Away

I have been skipping updates on this blog for 2 or 3 times already. The reason was? Not having a proper time to really sit down and pour out the words from this exhausted brain of mine. No kidding. All I can think of is hit the bed and send me to la la land. Plus, the digital camera has decided to go challenge my patience. I just think it need to be fix soon or else I need to forked out some money to buy a new one. No pictures of places, camwhoring for now. *sigh* This wouldn't do me any better.

Anyhow, yesterday....My elder sister, my cousins BabyV & Alfieboy and I went for a dinner at the newly opened outlet of The Hut in CityMall. The girls ordered a set dinner each while bro cuzzy stick to having his Thai Mango Fish with Rice. I wish I could show you guys the food. :(

As for today, I'll be busy away again for another engagement party.
No,not mine. Another cousin but this time on my mother's side.

I have this mixed feelings at this moment.  I don't like to be questioned.  Particularly, on that THAT question.  Yes, THAT.  Think it's easy? Not. It's complicated.

I hate to rushed but
I've got to run...


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fie the elf said...

so many people getting engaged/ married!