Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day!

Since it's Mother's Day today, I would like to wish all mothers out there.....

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what my sister and I decided to give our mother on this special celebration.
We ordered cheese cupcakes from deanacakes

Those cute mini cupcakes I love!
The designs are lovely & don't even dare to eat and touch.
It is wayyyy toO cute plus it's Home-made!

Love it! :)

It has been a long journey
Through thick and thin
You were there
You brought me into this world
To see how this earth looks like
It may not be perfect
But it is when you are around
To make me learn & experience
How is it to be a grown up lady

I could not imagine how anyone could hurt a mother's heart.....

Your sacrifices & love could never be replaced
I will walk a thousand mile stone
And take the longest route to see you smile

Cause I know you will do the same for me too!

Hugs + Kisses to My Dearest Mum !



Kenny Mah said...

Happy Mother's Day! Yeah!

I wished my mum the night before M-Day cos she was flying off to Europe for a vacation with me Dad. Instead, I called up my sis on M-Day to wish her Happy Mother's Day instead. :)

fie the elf said...

cheesecupcakes.. nice!

Eudora said...

Kenny M- At least you got to wish your mum ealier before she flew to Europe. :)

Fie- Nice indeed! It's actually carrot cheesecupcakes. :)