Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Late night....

I just came out from the shower minutes ago. The waters freezing made me cold feet. I know it's late but what the heck. It does not even do better for my health either. Maybe I should have gone shower earlier.

The endless late nights. I think I am so used to it.  Late to bed, early to rise. That makes me looking like a racoon or a panda by now. Thank God for the invention of a make-up set, you get to cover every inch of it! Haha =p But still, I can go out without any!


The weather is not in the state of good mood.
The strong wind blew like someone's mad.
It keeps bothering my mind.
I thought I heard someone cried.

I've heard nothing but tragic incidents happening around lately.
Shutting my eyes from the coloured screens,
plug-ins some cottons on my ears so I won't hear a thing about it.
Could I?
I'm a coward.
I have fear about it. No doubt about that.

Will it be the sign of end of the world?
I guess we will never know then.....



Haizum said...

Yeah I heard that the wind's been pretty nasty in KK lately. :S I hope it won't be though, for my flight back home soon.

I'm with you on the late nights. Not necessarily the early mornings, since I don't have class. *chuckles*

You seem down, babe. :( Cheer up.

Eudora said...

Acom, yeah. I hope not too. Safe journey back home soon dear.
Yeah, late nights. *sighs*
Btw, thanks for your concern. I hope I'll be better soon.

Cheers! :)