Tuesday, 20 May 2008

On Filipino's drama : Gulong Ng Palad

Being an Asian, I honestly cannot deny the fact that I heart watching movies or dramas in Asia regardless of any language. Yes, I love languages. And if you asked me, Tagalog is definitely the favourite one beside learning to speak my mother tongue language.

This was actually one of the Filipino drama I used to watch on  tv a few years back. When I was browsing around Youtube.com recently, I decided to upload it here since this is my favourite scene. I just love the whole wedding environment! A garden themed, beautiful church & traditional ways of the Filipino wedding.

Plus the songs here are absolutely amazing!
Can someone tell who the singer is?

Gulong ng Palad Wedding+ Honeymoon Scene

Starring : Kristine Hermosa & TJ Trinidad

What says you?

Romantic diba?
Excuse me but.....
I am sucker when it comes to romantic flicks!

Heehe xD



CrazieSexaCool said...

I know! I know!

It's none other than Carol Banawa!

Hee. :-D ehh.. yaka? :p

Gosh. We're the filipino soap operas freaks.. LOL

fie the elf said...

ive always wanted to learn tagalog, because when i was small our maids used to converse n tagalog and i thought it was so beautiful!

but sadly my university doesnt offer it :(

Eudora said...

CSC- Carol Banawa? Issit?
Haha I have no idea lah! =p

Fie- Tagalog is a beautiful language. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah it's a beautiful language..

i'm learning to watch the series or movies now..but most of it makes me cry..but the leading man just makes me drool ha ha ha

Eudora said...

the leading man?
ya, handsome sya diba? hee ;)

CrazieSexaCool said...

I got it!!!


That song is Sa Piling Mo by Sheryn Regis..

ee.. contagious oh this song.. haisshh.. I missed the Phils.. wana go back there again & again & again... *sighs*

Pammie said...

i think the singer is.. roselle nava. well, it sounds like her :-D

Anonymous said...

uhh..we're going philipine next year right?? can't wait for it..need to stand by some money now..

I know we'll have so much fun there :)