Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sunday PhotoShoot + GracePoint

Last Sunday, my sister brought me & my cousin for a photography outing in Tg. Aru beach. It was a rather unplanned outing for me but I did joined anyway. It was only a few guys from the Borneo Shutter members & us the non pro yet....the girls.  There were 2 models from the Miss Borneo event and since we can't go to the sea side because of the tide, we shoot on the grass instead!  

Thank Goodness Meor & the gang were nice enough!
And I almost dropped something from my camera bag the other day if it wasn't for Meor telling me I forgot to zipped my bag! Thanks again! :)

I was so shy at first cause I was the only one using a SLR camera. Everyone was holding this big DSLR cameras with long zoom. Wow, I wish I could own one! And I had to do it the old fashioned way. With my ever trusted Nikon & not forgetting a MUST Fujifilm on hand. I hate it when the camera shops ran out of Fuji films cause I won't get a quality pictures if I were to use other brands.

Heehe XD

And after the photo shooting......

Sis, cuzzy & I headed down to Gracepoint in Sembulan for yumcha session! :)

Some of the pictures for those of you who have no idea how this place looks like especially for those of you are not from Sabah.

I still love drinking the coconut (in other langusges....kelapa or piasau or my favourite I love the word buko ) though that reminds me of something, that particular incident.  But somehow that night, the taste of the coconut drink were awful! Geez, I had no clue why at all! :(

It was fun filled day still! :)



Kenny Mah said...

"Sembulan" is a beautiful name. And of course, so is your "buko", which reminds me of some Japanese dance art...

fie the elf said...

ive never been to gracepoint before!

next time lah.

Eudora said...

Kenny M- You find Sembulan a nice name? Ermmm...Thanks anyway! Hee XD
And by the way, 'buko' is actually a Tagalog word. :)

Fie- Yalah, next time lah! ;)

Malicious Mind said...

we both have the same interest.

don't worry much about the cameras.. i think its more about editing these days and the art of taking pictures from the right angle.

keep it up..

Eudora said...

Ya, hafta agree with you on that!
Thanks Dana!
Cheers! :)