Monday, 19 May 2008

Sunday's Engagement & An Outing...

Phew...I can finally sit down and update my blog!
Busy, busy weekend indeed.
My favourite cuzzy has finally got engaged! It was my first experience to witness a traditional engagement. I am sO happy for both Fabes & BabyV! Since I was using koko Alfie's DSLR camera yesterday, I only got a few pictures with me now taken with my digi-cam.

BabyV getting ready....

from Fabes to BabyV with love....

ang ganda ng bulaklak diba? ;)

CONGRATZ again guys!
Can't wait for the wedding!

After the engagement party......

It was a hot, hot day but all of us managed to go for an outing
since it was a beautiful sunny day!
Guess what?
The lady who got engaged joined us too!

Want to know where did we went?
I'll let you know in the next episode of me blogging!
So stay tuned!
Hahaha =p

Next destination.....
Tg. Aru Beach

The cousins  got so tired, thirsty and so we decided to re-fuel ourselves.
As we reached the place,
it was packed with cars & public.
We were stucked at the parking lot before we could walk down to the stalls.

Tg. Aru session...
Sis & cuzzy BabyV didnt ate anything .
While I indulge some sotong kangkung.

My Sunday meal!
Everyone ordered big glass of fruit juice and
I ordered for sugar cane drink to
quench my thirst.

last but not least...
the boys wantan ho

that's it for today!
need to do some recharging! :)