Sunday, 29 June 2008

OMG, OMG....

oh gad. it's end of the month already?
and I have like toO few blog post entries this month!
it's like I can't believe my own pair of eyes myself. Heehe.

I have been seriously way too busy handling everything. Trying to sort out & juggling between time is definitely not an easy task for me. And I might say having to deal or cope with last minute issue is sOo making me panic a bit! But come to think of it, why gO gOo-gOo gaga , panicky, sweats like buckets kinda thingy when there's a solution in whatever we do right? ;)

Everything's okay now. Thank gOodness for it!

It's middle of the night. I might as well jump on the bed and ooze off.
But damn, my reallyyyy upset stomach ache is killing me.
It makes me hard to go to sleep. Need to get that medicine again.
Darn. I hate this feeling.

and,and, And.....

I want those
Avocado juice
again lah sis!

*evil grin*

Eventhough it's green & gOoey!
it tasted great though!

I am sOo looking forward for next week!
After all we went through to get there.
Our trip together- gether ;)

Heehe :P



Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm back but not too long.
I guess.

It's been days.
Yeah, I know. Don't even remind me.

Workload seems insane. Paperwork keeps piling up on the rack. There is like A LOT of pending cards need to be printed. Will it ever be decrease? I don't think so. There is like tons of stuffs on my table, I could die of the-super-duper-mess ! I need to be more organize. That not-so-tidy table is going to get me a pretty bad feng shui ! Heehe ;p

But thank goodness for my ever-so-crazy colleagues ! All we do is joke around & make each other laugh each day despite the busy schedule. At least it cheer us up a bit. But then again, only work can help me not think much about the recent past, bitterness part of life :)

Sleep deprived. Sometimes I can't resist complaining. It makes my grumpy face fugly..... I mean ugly. Forgive me. Been having late nights trying to help my younger brother finish-up his art project. That explain why my eyes are rather swollen these days and my body are weak by the lesser hours of beauty sleep. Need to get my body battery re-activated by next week! Otherwise you won't get the same me jumping around at an event.

Yuri has just replied me on Facebook.
Too bad he's not coming to RWMF this year. :(
Well, at least he wishes me to have fun. Which I bet I will. I hope.

One more week to go.
The excitement plus the tension is building up.
This time, I'm going to be a budget traveller.

And I wish I could attend this POP PUNK IT! SINGAPORE - Esplanade Powerhouse Stage 29th June 08 (Free Admission) ! Frequency Cannon will be performing there! *sobs* I got this invitation from DinoTheDrummer yesterday & I sOo wanted to go lah! :(
Thanks for the invitation anyways! ;)

Rainy weather makes me wanna oOze off....
But I got something left to do, still...

See you guys in blogosphere sooOn..
I'll see you when I DO see you! Haha ;p


Sunday, 22 June 2008


People around the world has been affected by the recent oil price hiked.
Everything is sOo friggin' damn expensive these days!
It makes us suffered no doubt about that.
Pisses us off like hell!
I can't resist , can't help it....
I wanna SCREAM !
Driving me insane!


But instead of complaining,
why not....

As a matter of fact, something I haven't done in a while.
Just one day at a time.... all it takes


we will get used to it!

Smile :)
Think about Happy thoughts is all I wanna do right now.

Love, Eudora

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Missed the Jazz Festival again....

Hey, how's everyone?
Sorry for the long absence from the blogging scene! Every
time I'm in the mood to blog, something goes wrong in posting an entry. Darn! :(

But thank goodness everything's fixed! No worries for I am here now. Thanks for your concern guys! And for being very patient with me. I have been very busy lately. With work and random stuffs.

And guess what?
Yes, we have to miss the Jazz Festival this time around again! Huhu.
I actually wanted to try out my new digital still camera but just too bad.
I finally have a new toy to play with! :)
A cheap one but will do fine for me.
Hope it will work it's own magic as much as my previous Fuji camera.
I got a blue Canon camera by the way. ;)
(Won't mention the model though haha ;p )
I am now a proud owner...
My own Canon digi-cam & Nikon SLR.
Looking forward to capture the moments at RWMF!
Heehehe :D
And speaking of the cameras brand makes me......

Think of this....
Having simply



Going for Japanese food!

Who could resist right? :)

Till then,

Love, Eudora

Friday, 20 June 2008

there seems to be a problem with my blog.....

will be back again soon...

Monday, 16 June 2008

Thien Thien Restaurant

Few weeks back I decided to treat my siblings dinner. Since my brother and I haven't tried the food there, so sister ask us to try the meals provided. And I was more than happy to check & see for myself. :)

This air-conditioned restaurant is a halal restaurant and served no pork. Located at Gaya Street in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah town. If you are thinking of bringing someone who wants to try halal Chinese cooking, this might just be the suitable place to dine in.

So here is what exactly we ordered.
(Sorry for the quality of the pictures! )

Just enough to feed our stomach & satisfy our hunger.
I am overall satisfied with the dishes, still tasted great eventhough with less salt in it. There are various types to choose from the menu and plus I can say that it is quite reasonable.

Why not drop by to this restaurant when you're in town?

And if you're asking....
Yes, we do LoVe seafood! Heehe :)


Saturday, 14 June 2008

And I have return...

Two three days of break from blogosphere & I'm back! :)
The energy to bring me full force to continue my stories of life.
For I have said that I shall return and suprisingly, it is sooner than I thought.
I just couldn't stand being away for too long! Who would have thought that? I guess I have too much to tell. Huahahaha :P

I've received 4 tickets from the office mailbox yesterday. The tickets for RWMF which my sister bought it online is FINALLY here! It is certaily a wayyyy fast service cause we got it the next day. Though we will only be at the event for the opening & closing,  but I am excited already! I've been wanting to go there since yesterdays! Heehe xD

And since the digi-cam won't do me any good, I am going to search for new one.  It doesn't have to be an expensive one for the time being.  Just as long as it could take some shots & record a video, it is fine enough to me. Still making decision on whether I should get a Nikon or Canon as I speak. Dilemma lah wei. What do you guys think? Hmmm...

This will also be our first sisterhood travelling just-the-2-of-us and I'm not sure how it will turn out. Plus our first time in a neighbouring state.  So anyone else will be going? Let me know aights! ;)

Had a little gathering at grandparent's place too yesterday.  As usual we had our family very own home cooked dinner to share. Besides chatting with family members and witnessing the lil cousins turning the whole house into a playground, here's what I'm up to.....

Drinking tapai, one the local KadazanDusun rice wine straight from the tajau, the place where the rice, water & the bamboo is soaked and put at. My uncle's wife brought it back from Tambunan during the Harvest festival celebration.

I had it only twice but it has already burning me up.  I'm starting to feel hot. The effect  just within seconds.  I can assure you that it tasted better than you would have thought.  Being an occasional drinker, not a biggie and I supposed not really a good one,  but the sweetness just make me carried away! You would love the taste. At least I did. Weee....

Heehe XD
I think I better stop now before the crap gets even further.
Don't want to make this post too lengthy.

Have a Great Weekend Y'all!


Tuesday, 10 June 2008


For some reason, I am not keen on updating.
I am pretty much alive but to fact that
somehow make me feel lifeless.  

My days without capturing every seconds of moment spent, is like I lost a part of me. Though it's not as captivating as it seems, those moments, I would like to think it is. For we could not go rewinding our past. What happened happens, there is no turning back.

Let's make it real slow, take every step of my way, maybe worst than a snail.
I have to breathe for awhile & see if I can inhale the fresh air.
It's like I am suffocated by the world today.
Just too many....

No air, no air!

I'm taking my sweet time for the time being.
All you got to do is bare with me for I shall return.

P/s : No Camera = Dead :(


Saturday, 7 June 2008

At the wildlife park again....

As promised from the previous post.

Of beautiful rainforest we have here in Borneo.Wildlife & the love for nature who could ever resist right? Walking by feet appreciating the wonders of the world. That is what I have always enjoy doing the most.

Last Sunday on the 1st of June, my siblings & my 2 cousins & myself went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. And yes, we went there yet again. Gulity! Hee XD

Since my brother & cousin Elmer haven't been there yet. We decided to bring Elmer  there before he went back to Labuan.

This time we went to the area where the public could get a closer look & touch the animals. There were only a snake & this 2 parrots on show that day. I got the chance to bravely hold a snake without hesitation but still my hands were nervously shaky. I just can't believe I could get my hands on it. It's a Snake for goodness sake! Damn, scary lah weii!

By the way,  I just realize that this picture above does looked like a two- head parrot.  I wouldn't have noticed that if it wasn't for KM's comment.  But it's not. Well maybe just by a glance. ;)

Since that particular day was Gawai, I couldn't help it but steal a snap of Sarawak's official mascot.  The Hornbill ! Sitting still there waiting for us to capture a picture of it.

Good, goody Birdie!


On our last visit here, we missed this particular area as the weather was sO shitty back then. So this time around, we make sure we went in.  I expected this area full of colourful plants or flowers but to a much dissappointment. 

The Botanical Garden

This is how the botanical garden looks like!
Though it was not as I expected it to be. But it was not that bad nonetheless.

The Aroma & Therapeutic Garden from far.

My ever-so-ready models!
Heehehe ;p

One pose for the camera

The garden wasnt that aromatic but could be therapeutic!

Back to the old days.
"What's on the board?"
Some information regarding on the machine.
Of course ;)

The ancient, old fashioned latex machine.


Go deep, deep....
Inside the garden, there is also a picnic area.
Complete with wooden chairs & a table.
And a barbeque pit to include.
How nice! :)

The weather was pretty good.
Sunny days accompany with a short walk of jungle trekking.
Which really makes me day!
You can tell I am a true nature lover by now.


Streaming waters, I could hear the wildlife sound.
Luscious green surrounding.
I could fall asleep by just sitting there for just awhile.

There is tall rubber trees everywhere!


And this Asian biggest elephant has got to be the
most entertaining which I could see
that most of the children's favourite animal there!

Look closely....
Do you see what I see on the picture above?
Heehehehe ;p

Another lovely Sunday at the wildlife park!
Again! Hee :D



bits of randomness....

It's exactly 12.54 am.

I just finished watching a Filipino drama on tv a while ago. Honestly I wasn't up for blogging. But since tomorrow( I mean later)  is a public holiday, so might as well do some updating.  The weather has been insanely crazy & unpredictable. One minute it's hot giler and the next thing you know, it's raining again & again. Yeah. 

My sleeping pattern is disturbed these past few days. I'm deprived. The lack of it is causing tireness and my energy is gone. I need to get my mind free from too much thinking. Maybe I worry easily. Perhaps.

And my Dad is back from fishing out of town already & coming home with a good catch is sure a nice thing. :) But I miss having the 2 boys around this house. Hearing their loud voices. My brother & cousin is Labuan now. Ooh, I miss cooking for them and chatting our way after dinner. Thank Goodness he's coming back in a few hours time. Cause after 2 weeks of school holiday, everyone will be back to their usual routine & traffic jam full of cars & school buses in the early mornings will be here again.

Back to reality peeps! ;p

Anyway,I got to go now before I fall asleep here on my desk. I could hear the sweet whispering voices of my bed calling me right now.
This what it said," Eudora, Eudora, come to me!"
Is that an imagination or my bed & pillow suddenly have a mouth? Lol ;p
You know I am just kidding right? Heehe xD

Here is a sneak peek of what I'll be posting next! 
Just a clue ;)

ok, ok I am reallyyyyyy sleepyyyyyy now!




Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Time for an Update

I haven't been updating this blog for like 2 days now & I feel like it's been forever!
Heehe. Geez. Too attached with this would do me no good! Haha :P

Truth is, I am just too lazy or too busy, not much inspired as before.
Maybe I've lost my touch & inspiration. Where have all it gone? *dreads*
But fret not, as long as there something to blogged about,
you can count on me being here.

Hee xD

A lot of things happened these past  few days. I could say the words are just countless. 
I wish the time could stopped ticking & wait for me patiently to write each & every stories to tell. That seems too impossible. Ermm....Don't you think?

Owh well, oh well...

Where shall I begin?
Let me begin on Gawai Day (Sarawak's Harvest Festival) which falls on a Sunday, we, my siblings & the cousins went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo again & on the very same day, a long lost relatives came to visit. The ones I have never met in my entire life. Maybe because the fact that they were staying abroad all this while. 

It is fun sometimes playing the host & the hostess. Our family enjoyed cooking and though it might be tiring, the presence of your loved ones could make it fade away. We called it cooking with the portion love. Makes the food taste even much better! At least, that's what I thought! Hee :D Of the voices and the sound of laughter, over dinner, a cup or two of coffee or tea it had made the joyous moment ever. The best of company one could have.

The house, I called my dear home &  the garden are pretty much alive today!
Even the strong winds & pouring rain wouldn't dare stopping us sharing & chatting away!
You know why?
When I say this, It is never a lie.
All because it is surrounded by the shades of colours & filled with lots of love....
Of yours, mine, my dearest loved ones!

I believe every guests you receive at your door step each day is truly a blessing to your home.
Your family. A home sweet home.

Love,  Eudora      

P/s : Will update with pictures as soon as I finished editing. Cheers! ;)

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Just a quick, short note.

1st of June 2008.
As I don't feel like blogging much today, I will just like to wish Slamat Ari Gawai to everyone especially the Ibans in Sarawak , Malaysia and those who are celebrating it! Enjoy! Cheers ;)

Another loOong, tiring weekend!
Still great though!