Saturday, 7 June 2008

At the wildlife park again....

As promised from the previous post.

Of beautiful rainforest we have here in Borneo.Wildlife & the love for nature who could ever resist right? Walking by feet appreciating the wonders of the world. That is what I have always enjoy doing the most.

Last Sunday on the 1st of June, my siblings & my 2 cousins & myself went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. And yes, we went there yet again. Gulity! Hee XD

Since my brother & cousin Elmer haven't been there yet. We decided to bring Elmer  there before he went back to Labuan.

This time we went to the area where the public could get a closer look & touch the animals. There were only a snake & this 2 parrots on show that day. I got the chance to bravely hold a snake without hesitation but still my hands were nervously shaky. I just can't believe I could get my hands on it. It's a Snake for goodness sake! Damn, scary lah weii!

By the way,  I just realize that this picture above does looked like a two- head parrot.  I wouldn't have noticed that if it wasn't for KM's comment.  But it's not. Well maybe just by a glance. ;)

Since that particular day was Gawai, I couldn't help it but steal a snap of Sarawak's official mascot.  The Hornbill ! Sitting still there waiting for us to capture a picture of it.

Good, goody Birdie!


On our last visit here, we missed this particular area as the weather was sO shitty back then. So this time around, we make sure we went in.  I expected this area full of colourful plants or flowers but to a much dissappointment. 

The Botanical Garden

This is how the botanical garden looks like!
Though it was not as I expected it to be. But it was not that bad nonetheless.

The Aroma & Therapeutic Garden from far.

My ever-so-ready models!
Heehehe ;p

One pose for the camera

The garden wasnt that aromatic but could be therapeutic!

Back to the old days.
"What's on the board?"
Some information regarding on the machine.
Of course ;)

The ancient, old fashioned latex machine.


Go deep, deep....
Inside the garden, there is also a picnic area.
Complete with wooden chairs & a table.
And a barbeque pit to include.
How nice! :)

The weather was pretty good.
Sunny days accompany with a short walk of jungle trekking.
Which really makes me day!
You can tell I am a true nature lover by now.


Streaming waters, I could hear the wildlife sound.
Luscious green surrounding.
I could fall asleep by just sitting there for just awhile.

There is tall rubber trees everywhere!


And this Asian biggest elephant has got to be the
most entertaining which I could see
that most of the children's favourite animal there!

Look closely....
Do you see what I see on the picture above?
Heehehehe ;p

Another lovely Sunday at the wildlife park!
Again! Hee :D




evon.the.hawtness said...

thanks for the wish girl! =] u're not even late! heheehe. ure like the 1st person to wish me. my bday is on the 6th but i saw the date you wished me was on the 6th. haha! =]

evon.the.hawtness said...

I mean my bday was on the 7th. error! hahaha.

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

That hornbill looks amazing! So very the cool... Now me wanna go wildlife park too..

Eudora said...

Evon- You're most welcome! Heehe :)

Kenny M- It certainly is! Go, go & visit one soon! ;)

ami3 s10 said...

That elephant is one horny elephant.. I've seen alot of blogs talking abt him and his 'extra leg' danglin' gloriously for everyone to see. I wonder if he was really that horny kah ataupun tetau apa tu zoo punya orang kasi makan nie smpai dia gete skali. Lol.. sometimes goin to the zoo is fun but in a way macam sedih also I see the look on the animals faces :(.. howlah like that. I really wonder if the zookeepers really jaga them or not.. ada yg sa tingu them mcm kurang sihat nie.. and why lah the badak selalu tidur in the mud. So many questions in my head.. sa pi tidur lah.. pukul 8 pagi sdah ni. Hahaha! XD!

Ko cuti kah from blogosphere? Sumtimes, i feel the same way too.. it happens ;) be back soon! hehe!

Eudora said...

Heehe yabah kan Ams! Horny elephants! Lol. Ya, I also feel that way about the animals. Terkurung jak dorang sana nie. And the badak also jarang went out. I hardly had the chance to see it out from the mud. *Sigh*

Yeap, I had a short break & now I'm back! Hee :)