Saturday, 7 June 2008

bits of randomness....

It's exactly 12.54 am.

I just finished watching a Filipino drama on tv a while ago. Honestly I wasn't up for blogging. But since tomorrow( I mean later)  is a public holiday, so might as well do some updating.  The weather has been insanely crazy & unpredictable. One minute it's hot giler and the next thing you know, it's raining again & again. Yeah. 

My sleeping pattern is disturbed these past few days. I'm deprived. The lack of it is causing tireness and my energy is gone. I need to get my mind free from too much thinking. Maybe I worry easily. Perhaps.

And my Dad is back from fishing out of town already & coming home with a good catch is sure a nice thing. :) But I miss having the 2 boys around this house. Hearing their loud voices. My brother & cousin is Labuan now. Ooh, I miss cooking for them and chatting our way after dinner. Thank Goodness he's coming back in a few hours time. Cause after 2 weeks of school holiday, everyone will be back to their usual routine & traffic jam full of cars & school buses in the early mornings will be here again.

Back to reality peeps! ;p

Anyway,I got to go now before I fall asleep here on my desk. I could hear the sweet whispering voices of my bed calling me right now.
This what it said," Eudora, Eudora, come to me!"
Is that an imagination or my bed & pillow suddenly have a mouth? Lol ;p
You know I am just kidding right? Heehe xD

Here is a sneak peek of what I'll be posting next! 
Just a clue ;)

ok, ok I am reallyyyyyy sleepyyyyyy now!




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Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Sleepy now too. Had a huge breakfast and it's started to rain... so nice... :P

Btw, I thought it was a TWO-HEADED parrot at first from that angle! LOL.